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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ May 14, 2003

I must say, these past weeks since the amnio have flown. I am looking in the mirror, amazed that the belly is so big already, that I am past half-way through and wondering where the time went! Just a couple of months ago I felt so different about it.

While part of me is at rest that the pregnancy seems to be going along rather smoothly, at the same time I know that all these tests can't test for everything under the sun, and until I hold this baby in my arms, alive and looking healthy, I won't be completely at peace. I suppose this is something it goes with the territory.

Nothing new this week except the growing need to find a name for this baby, which still eludes me. I like Gabriel as a middle name a lot, but a first name? Even Joshua, which is a name I liked a lot seems to be a bit overused and I've crossed it out. I mean, Nicky's elementary school is called "Joshua", along with the cemetery nearby 'Joshua' . . . no go. I circled a few names here and there but nothing 'screams' at me. Should I be worried? I guess I need to start looking around more and keep my eyes open. Greg and I don't want something too common (hence the Josh's boot) but nothing weird either. We'll see.

In the meantime the one thing that keeps me occupied is American Idol worship! LOL. I feel like I am 38 going on 16. I love the show, love Clay Aiken so much I downloaded all his MP3s too! I must be a real fan.

I find myself not too hungry on some days (such as today) while others I feel as if I could eat an entire pizza by myself! How weird is that!

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