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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ May 22, 2003

Things are proceeding normally . . . the baby moves all the time, very different than Alex or Nicky were. I guess all babies are so different! Other than that everything seems to be going well, nothing weird or strange to report. Lately, with all these season finales it seems like I am glued to the TV! The Bachelor finale (a bachelor that picks the girl I wanted him to pick? That's a first!) the American Idol finale (what's that? Clay did not win? That's okay, he still has a record contract and a long, long, long career ahead of him, I venture to say, most likely a lot longer than Ruben's ever will), Star Trek Enterprise (oh geez . . . now I have to wait until September or October to find out what happens!), and Mr. Personality (yes, I did watch a few episodes of that one, and she did pick the guy I wanted her to pick, how weird is that?).

Okay, so what I do besides lie around on the couch? I do my computer work and take care of Nicky. Nicky is such a huge job. Sometimes I wonder how I have not yet had a nervous breakdown. It's always something. This poor kid goes through so much. It's been sooo hot this past week. I feel as if went from winter to summer in a day. Of course I am not a whole lot comfortable, but at least at the moment I can still go to the pool and do my aerobics to freshen up. . . . but not for long. When Nicky is out of school I will only be able to go swim because the classes will be out of the question until Nicky goes back to school in July. Or maybe when my stepdaughter will be here with us? Who knows. There is really nobody that can watch this child, and I only trust family.

I have another doctor's appointment next week. I am looking forward to it. Some people that see me ask me if I am carrying twins, others are wondering if I am less far along . . . good grief. I am eager for the doctor to measure me just to put my mind at ease.

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