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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 23
~ May 28, 2003

I am not sure what it is, but it seems as if the past few weeks are going by very quickly and I must admit I am getting a little scared. Happy and scared at the same time. I suppose that now that I know that the baby is okay from what we can see, there is no denying this baby is truly and really coming, and I have been thinking a lot about when Nicky was born, c-section and all. I just want so much for this baby to be okay. With Alex, of course, he was stillborn at full term, and Nicky's disorder was not detected until after birth, so I know only too well that just because tests came back okay that does not mean things will go peachy in a few months. I try to keep my heads and wits about me, for Nicky and Greg's sake most of the time and I try not to dwell on this pregnancy a whole lot, but both of them are so excited a lot of times, it makes me excited. And that is a good thing.

Names? What names? LOL. Since Joshua was scratched Greg suggested Connor, and I must say I like it. I don't love it, but I like it. It has the same letters as my last name (Corradin) and it has a little of tribute going with the Laci Peterson tragedy; her baby would have been named Connor. Since Greg suggested it, I have do admit I have not seen it much or heard it much at all, except for an actor I like on Star Trek. So, as of this moment, the baby is Connor, but it's not set in stone.

One last thing is that it has gotten soooo hot lately it's ridiculous. I walk around with little clothes and the belly sticking right out because it's so hot. Neither Nicky nor Greg are really complaining! LOL I used to complain about the wind but no longer. I LOVE the wind now, ha ha. We got some patio furniture and Nicky loves the swing, we go swing every evening after it cools off. We are waiting for the grass to come up from the hydroseed last week, but no waiting for my strawberries! They will be ready by this weekend. The garden has been a real joy to do, taking my mind off many things. I planted some tomatoes surrounded by marigolds and lots of watermelons too. I also planted a lot of flowers on the patio and I am waiting germination. We also have planted a couple of fig trees and we have spots for a couple of more fruit trees. I guess it gives me something to do 'outside'. Greg is going to put some mist 'things' today outside since they stated it would cool the patio by 20 degrees and since we love to be outside it would be great.

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