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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25
~ June 12, 2003

Time is just flying lately. I am getting bigger and bigger and I do not mind. This baby, I must say, it's incredibly active at times, a good sign? I hope so. Just don't get tangled up in the cord sweetie!!! Other than that, move all you want!! The fact that he's moving so much is a very good sign for me, telling me he's okay for the most part. I know I can't be sure he'll be 100% healthy but at least I know EB is out of the picture for sure. I am not sure how I would deal with another child with this condition; I would kill myself.

Nicky keeps telling me he's "happy we're having a baby", and does not waste any time coming around to hug my belly; this kid is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

One thing that really surprises me is Greg. Aren't all men supposed to WANT little boys to carry on their names and do boy stuff? Greg is not like that, he just hopes for this baby to be healthy, that's all. Don't get me wrong, I want that too, but I was expecting a much different reaction, a macho reaction, or whatever. I mean, I wanted a boy, and I am thrilled. Nicky wanted a baby brother and he's thrilled. Greg is being great about everything, but the news that it's a boy seems like means little to him. I guess I should be happy that he's not caught up in the gender thing, at the same time I am perhaps a bit baffled. Hmmmm? Then again, I am a woman, and all moms are supposed to want little girls . . . not me! I grew up with two sisters, went to an all girl school for 10 years and all my close relatives were all, and I mean all, females. All my friends were girls for most of my young life, and the moment I 'discovered' boys as friends, I never went back. Boys are so much easier to be friends with, handle, etc. So much less emotion, backstabbing and the like. Who needs a little girl full of emotions? One is enough in this household, especially considering how moody I get sometimes. LOL.

The weather, thankfully, has let up a bit. It's much cooler (like . . .15 degrees cooler) and I feel much better. Considering that I will be hugely pregnant for the rest of the summer, I appreciate these cool days here and there; I know they won't last long.

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