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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ June 27, 2003

This week I spent getting ready to take my son to camp or being at the actual camp with him and other moms and children with the same condition as my son, so I did not have much time to dwell or worry or wonder about this baby. It was nice. Everyone seems so genuinely happy for me, even long time friends that I have not seen in a long time, and many are telling me that I 'deserve' a good outcome this time. Lots of prayers are coming my way and I could not be happier that I have such a large support base, because I really need it.

Physically I felt fine, but at camp I knew I over-did it when my feet started blowing up like balloons! Yikes! I started sitting down more, but it was hot and the swelling did not go down much if at all. In the mornings they looked better, but still swollen. I was getting upset, and even worried, but I did remember that my feet were swollen when I was pregnant with Alex too, simply because I was on my feet all day long at work, so I did not take this new pregnancy ailment too seriously.

Aside that, I enjoyed not having to cook and ate everything that was presented to me, ha ha! Why not? I am pregnant after all. Next year I will surely be different and be more picky, choosy and with much smaller portions, although, if all goes well and my way, I will have a little nine month old with me to breastfeed so I will need a few extra calories.

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