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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ July 9, 2003

After eating so much at camp and being a little piglet, I find myself not so incredibly hungry now, which makes me wonder why I stuffed myself so much at camp! Very strange. I suppose that when it's ready for you, and it's free we do things we don't normally do! LOL

I am still going to the aqua aerobics, but, admittedly, I am having a hard time keeping up with the class. I could not go for over a month because Nicky was out of school and even though I still did swim twice a week, I wonder if the faster pace of the class is harder on me because I am bigger or simply because I haven't been able to go for several weeks. Probably a combination of both. One nice thing a lady told me today was that my doctor must be proud! Hey! I am proud of myself!

This week I finally got the box out with all of Nicky's baby clothes just to see what I have for the new baby that I can use. It turns out, I have a LOT! Most of the baby clothes I saved are still in perfect condition, some never used or used once or twice. Since I've been saving clothes since Nicky was born, I separated all the other clothes by age and I have so much for this new baby it's almost unbelievable . . . tons of baby toys as well. This baby boy is actually quite lucky, he's all set. We have a complete library of children's videos, and every videogame system known to man! From the Genesis and Super Nintendo to the Game Cube and Playstation 2 and stuff in between! That is not to mention all kinds of boy toys lying around, like cars, balls etc. I started a baby registry at Target a few months ago, and now that I know it's a boy and I know what I have and I don't have, I need to go finish up I guess! My sister told me she has tons of stuff for me to send since she had a little boy last year, so this registry won't be too involved.

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but looks like this baby will be the youngest grandchild in both sides of the family! On my side, my older sister is 43 and has no intention of having anymore children, my younger sister had all kinds of infertility problems and finally had a set of twins (a boy and a girl) last year; she admitted she is done. On Greg's side, his sister is 47 and her mom told me yesterday she is 'ineligible' (kind of made me laugh by that comment) of having anymore kids, and his younger brother has a boy and a girl and it looks like they are done according to mom, as well unless an oopsie happens. Well, I suppose the oopsie would be the same for my little sister, although I doubt it could happen since all the infertility problems, but you never know! I had a friend once that even went to the extreme of having an in-vitro fertilization done with her eggs and a donor sperm, because her husband's sperm was very low count, and the procedure did not work. After several attempts she gave up, and a few months later she found herself pregnant! Considering her ovaries rarely released eggs, and her husband's very low sperm count, according to her, it was a miracle. Anyway, I am getting off track I suppose. I am keeping my chin up and thinking positive, which is easy to do with so many people being so excited for me lately! We'll see what happens!

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