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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ July 16, 2003

It's becoming sadly apparent to me that I am just way too old for this pregnancy thing. No wonder I am considered high risk! I am just exhausted all the time, and as time progresses it's becoming harder and harder to even walk. Yesterday I was at a store and had to sit down because I was hyperventilating! I was nothing like this on my previous two pregnancies with Alex (I was 30) and Nicky (31/ 32), but now (I just turned 39) it seems as if Murphy's law is in full swing. I used to only have to take one prenatal pill a day, but now the prenatals are much more involved (two pills a day), plus some test came back high so I have to take an aspirin a day, then I have to take my thyroid medicine and extra iron 3 times a day. This does not include all the extra blood tests I had to do. So far I had to do 5 glucose tests, two of them being 3 hour ones! My feet are also swelled up, which I know is normal and I had the same problem when I was pregnant with Alex, but I am not on my feet at all like I used to be back then, and still the only shoes I can fit in are flip-flops! LOL.

I am trying to take it all in stride as much as I can. All I want out of this is a healthy baby, no matter the discomfort; I just wish I was younger so that I wouldn't feel so run down all the time.

Sleeping is also becoming pretty hard-not the falling asleep per se, which hasn't been a problem since I had Nicky, just trying to get comfortable is a struggle, and it seems as if once I find my position I stick to it all night. I've also had some really bad nights where I felt so sick I wanted to throw up but couldn't (I absolutely hate throwing up anyway, and I don't know how those bulimic people do it), and one night a couple of weeks ago I was in the bathroom for an hour when finally I was able to go #2 for relief. I knew it was either that or throwing up. Last night I felt like I had heartburn all night, which woke me up a lot. When I was pregnant with Nicky that is what I had at the very end of the pregnancy, very bad heartburn, and I had to take tums, so I guess this is not really a surprise.

Aside from that, I suppose everything is going well. I have an ultrasound on July 25th, followed by my first non-stress test appointment. Now that Nicky is in school, I am going to swim 3 times a week also. The only problem with that, which I hope will be fixed by my taking iron supplements 3 times a day, is that when I swim in the morning or early afternoon, the rest of the day I am just sooooo tired I can't do anything. Same thing happened yesterday when I went for my second 3 hour glucose test. After they took out all that blood I was just so tired I even took a nap! I have never been a 'nap' person, not normally and not with my other pregnancies, so I know that takes out a lot of me.

I was watching the Discovery Channel show about women giving birth last night, and I must say, it helped a bit. I am still not convinced everything is hunky dory with this baby, considering my history, but seeing the great outcomes of others really helped my mood. I hope so much for this baby to be okay that it hurts.

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