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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ July 24, 2003

After starting to take iron supplements, I finally have more energy, but I am still suffering from caffeine withdrawals! I find that after I have even just one soda or one cup of coffee (and that is rare nowadays for me to have anything at all with caffeine) I have so much energy I can't stop moving. But I also have found to have very severe constipation, and I drink so much there is no way I could drink anymore than I do! Whoa, it's always something I guess. Here comes the fiber or laxatives . . . ugh.

Last night the baby moved SO MUCH! He was doing aerobics in there! Usually he does move a lot, but not enough to keep me from falling asleep, but not last night! I was stunned and amazed at the energy this kiddo has. I just hope he does not get all tangled up in the cord! Since Alex 'could' have died of a cord accident, that is always a fear I have. I am always so relieved to feel him move, and he's been so active he's never had me worried . . . not so far anyway. Tomorrow I am going in for an ultrasound and a Non-Stress Test, so that will go a long way to relieve some of the worries I have.

I've been feeling pretty 'big' lately, and the tummy is definitely getting tight. I am so much bigger than I was just a month ago when I took those bikini pictures. I need hubby to take some today or this weekend, I don't think he'll mind. After all, the bikini was his idea! LOL.

I think we've pretty much decided on Connor for the baby, Connor Gabriel to be exact. Seems as if many younger people like it, while some of the older crowd has flinched their nose at it. I wasn't sure how my family in Italy would like it, so I wrote a lengthy email to both my sister and my mom explaining why I liked it, what it meant, etceteras. Surprisingly both told me they liked it, but I should not be surprised since Connor seems like a new and 'hip' kind of name, and my mom and sister are surely 'hipper' than most. The name is far from new, a legendary Irish King back in the early medieval times was named Connor, but we like it because it's not so common.

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