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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ August 7, 2003

Well, it's official, I have only one month to go! Sometimes, I must admit, I can't wait for it to be over, but those moments are not popping up too often! I think I mostly feel this way because I know Connor is safe within me, but other times I am craving some kind of alcohol beverage (and I rarely drink normally, but ya know, if I can't do it I want it even more) or I want to be able to sleep on my stomach and a myriad of little things like that. I am still however pretty pleased on how this pregnancy is going and I wouldn't want to change a thing. I need this next month to get ready for the baby anyway, and I have a lot of shopping and clothes washing to do! I just wish I had more energy because I feel very rundown.

Surprisingly my feet are still swollen, and it's not like I walk a lot or anything! I actually sit around quite a bit nowadays except when I go swimming. Must be my age thing or something. The Water Aerobics instructor is so proud of me for keeping up with the class, I must admit I am proud of myself! That is all I do though, I don't dare trying any other exercise. After the baby comes and the doctor says it's safe to workout again I will probably still swim, but only after a normal workout. I already paid for two sessions with a fitness instructor to get back in shape, so I will be curious to hear what they have to say that I have to do!

BTW, I added a couple of new pics of my ever expanding belly on the pregnancy pics page! My husband is actually taking a LOT of pictures of my belly, he thinks it's very sexy and he knows this is the only chance he will get of seeing me like this! I think it's adorable.

In the meantime Connor is being his usual active self. It really surprises me how much he moves! I read in my pregnancy day-by-day calendar that the activity level of the unborn baby often indicates how active he will be after birth . . . if that is true I know I will be getting little sleep and lots of exercise! LOL. That is okay though. I know most moms are really worried about the lack of sleep they are going to have to endure the first few weeks or months of their new babies' lives, but after the experience with Nicky, who did not sleep a full night of sleep until he was 3.5 years old, the thought of just getting cat naps for the first 3-4 months does not scare me at all. Heck, Nicky still wakes up once or twice at night once or twice a week from a nightmare or throwing up or because his g-tube is beeping or something! What does scare me a bit is how effective of a mom I am going to be taking care of Nicky's many needs and taking care of the new baby as well. I am just happy that Nicky is in school, so part of the day will be just me and baby. I can just see myself juggling exclusive breastfeeding and trying to take care of Nicky at the same time . . . I will definitely need something with wheels! A bassinet with wheels for example, and later a walker or bouncer or something to keep the baby close while I get Nicky's g-tube ready, or help Nicky do things like help him walk at times, or help him with his homework, or big things, such as getting dressed or change his diaper (Nicky's still in diapers due to his severe BM problems) taking a bath, and bandage changes take hours, so I might start doing them in spurts and not all at once anymore. Somehow I know I will be able to juggle it all with Greg's help, yet I know he won't be there with me 24/7 and I need to become extremely self-sufficient.

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