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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ August 21, 2003

I feel really quite huge lately and still no NEW stretch marks? Unbelievable! LOL. I shouldn't be all this surprised, but I know I have two more weeks to go and this baby is definitely growing lately, so I better not count victory yet! With my first sweet baby (Alex) I ended up with NO stretch marks at all. It was weird, I went full term too! The skin just went right back and you would have never known I had ever been pregnant. At the time it was bittersweet because since Alex died I was left with no tangible proof that he had ever been born or I had ever been pregnant in the first place. The fact that my body bounced right back (literally within 2 months I was back into my skinny jeans) was surprising . . . and . . . it's not like I exercised at the time or did anything special, although I did use this cream from the body shop called Mama Toto. I used to make my hubby rub it on my belly every single night :-) I don't know if that did the trick, but I sure enjoyed it! LOL. With Nicky I got so much bigger than Alex, my hubby did not want to do the cream thing (somehow he did not want to get attached to the baby for fear of losing him again) and the stretch marks did come, and a lot of them. I delivered Nicky at 37.5 weeks, so I am curious to see if Nicky got this belly stretched enough for Connor, ha ha. Nicky was almost 7 lbs, so we'll see how big this little one will be, but something tells me it's going to be about the same, even though I will carry this one just a tad bit longer, a day past my 38th week mark.

I had a couple of NST tests and so far so good. Next week I will have another ultrasound, another NST and another doctor's appointment. Today we'll go take some pregnancy pictures so I am excited about that! The photographer wants to take a picture of me looking in the mirror, and once the baby is born I will go back in and take a picture of me holding the baby, so in the final photo I will be looking in the mirror while pregnant and in the mirror the image will be of me holding the baby . . . precious or what?

In the meantime I sadly missed a HUGE family reunion. I simply could not travel to Italy being 8/9 months pregnant and all. My grandma Rina turned 100 years old! Her celebration was held in a Castle nearby and over 40 assorted relatives and friends attended. I was the only grandchild missing; all my cousins (many of which live in the US) did take the trip to Italy for the occasion. I guess it's heartwarming to think that Connor will be almost exactly 100 years younger than his great-grandma :-) I hope grandma hangs in there for a while longer. I promised everyone that once Connor is a little over 1 year old I would go and take my whole family along. I was thinking along the lines of February 2005 since Nicky would have the month off school and the Carnival takes place in my hometown in that period. Nicky just loves traveling to Italy; he even wrote it in his journal at school, how if he had one wish, it would be to go visit his Nonna and Nonno-my parents-in Italy with the airplane, and I am eager to 'show off' my bella Italia and my family to Greg and Sky. I know it will surely be a blast.

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