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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ February 11, 2003

This past week started with an unexpected ultrasound on Wednesday at the doctor's office, and I must say, I almost cried when I saw my little bean sprout-almost as if he/she is finally making its presence known to me . . . Mommy, I am here! It helped quite a bit in my quest of feeling good about this pregnancy. The ultrasound revealed that he or she is definitely in the uterus (rather than a tubal pregnancy or something), and that he or she is as big as it should be. This is the first week where I felt really good about this pregnancy, almost like a milestone for me.

I am still pretty tired, but I must say I am getting used to it and try to pack all my housework and computer work in general in the first part of the day where I have more energy. I relax and watch TV and do non-tiring work the rest of the day.

A test revealed I might possibly have gestational diabetes. This means I have to go in Thursday in the early morning (Yikes! I have to get up at 6am!) to do a 3 hour glucose test. If I do have this condition, it is treatable, so I am not too overly concerned about it. As long as we know what we are dealing with and it can be treated, I am fine with that.

I've talked to moms who have had scheduled c-sections after an emergency one, and they stated to me it went really wonderful. The recovery was much easier and they would not trade the experience with a risky VBAC for anything. This made me feel at ease knowing that it could be a good experience. Well, it could not be worse than what I have already experienced, that's for sure!

Greg is, as usual, a doll. He just loves pregnant women and he's really enjoying this! He can't wait until I am really showing. Right now I have basically lost my waist, but no major pouch going on yet. A couple of more months honey!

We talked about names today but we won't seriously be choosing until we know the sex of the baby in 2-3 months. No need to go crazy thinking of a boy name if we're going to have a girl and vice versa! Nothing is final at this moment, but so far we've got Shelby/Shelbie for a girl for a first name, middle name could be Laura, Lauren, Laurel, Amanda, Vivian, Isabella, Stella or Gabriella . . . not sure which one I like best, and I might add more to the list. It will depend a lot on when the first name becomes final. For a boy I've got four names so far that I like. For a first name, Luke, Adrian, Christopher or Joshua, and for a middle name so far I like Gabriel and Julian. I had more but they got axed from hubby, LOL. If it was just up to him, I would need to call my baby either Mario or Luigi (he's a big Nintendo fan, LOL) but . . . I don't think so!

Healthwise I am doing pretty good and I have a couple of friends who write me the most wonderful emails, so this week was truly a good one. A feeling I hope will carry me for the next seven months . . .

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