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Staci's Pregnancy Journal

Staci's family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Staci's pregnancy journal.

Staci (31), and her husband Matt (35) are the proud parents of a son, Henley (4). They took the leap again, and this is the story of Staci's second pregnancy, week by week through the birth of her daughter on March 10, 2008 at 39 weeks by planned c-section.

Staci's Journal Entries

Meet Staci

Week 21

Week 22
Still Painting

Week 23
Shopping Spree!

Week 24
Thanksgiving and TMJ

Week 25
Not super exciting . . .

Week 26
Christmas tree!

Week 27
Work, Work, Work!

Week 28

Week 29
Christmas Fun

Week 30
More Tests and Painting!

Week 31

Week 32/33
Frustration Continues

Week 34
Fun and Funk

Week 36
More Bedrest!

Week 37
Lots of Activity!

Week 38
This Is It!

Week 39
Birth Story!

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