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Week 22
~ Still Painting

I'm still painting the new cabinets! Our room is still a bit out of control. I'm not done painting the drawers so all our clothes are in stacks and laundry bins. Matt still has a couple shelves to put in so there are a bunch of tools still in the corner. Ugh . . . I hate it. We can only fit one car in the garage right now too as the table saw, router and other tools are set up. I just want to be done! It looks great, and I know I will be really happy when it is all done but my patience is waning.

It has been a bit of a hectic week at work this week. What was supposed to be a quick code release on Monday took several hours and a couple conference calls to resolve. I worked until about 9 PM getting everything taken care of. Fortunately I had left the office at 4 and was able to monitor everything from home but it is difficult for me to be working while Henley and Matt play with legos or goof around in the family room - I want to be in there having fun too! This doesn't happen too often and the rest of the year looks pretty good so hopefully it will be a couple months until I have another late work night. We are starting to plan work for February and my boss is a bit nervous about assigning me anything. I worked until the day before Henley was born - I logged off at 4PM and checked into the hospital at midnight - I hope to do that this time as well. I'd rather save that leave time for after the baby is born. It's very sweet how concerned he is. I'm hoping that with a good written plan for that month he'll relax a bit!

I met an old friend for lunch this week that is also pregnant. She is due in February. We've known each other since we were in the seventh grade. We try to get together for lunch once a month or so. It was nice to chat with her over a long lunch and compare bellies and baby milestones and not think about home or work.

Nothing new on the baby front. She is still active and the heartburn is still there. I have noticed a lot more energy though so I am definitely in the 'good time' now for getting things done!

~ Staci

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