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Week 23
~ Shopping Spree!

I had a fun weekend this week. A friend and I went out to lunch and spent Sunday afternoon shopping. I went a little wild in the maternity store and the Carter's store. I got several new maternity outfits and a new diaper bag and then several cute newborn and 3 month outfits for the baby. It was pretty fun picking out pink and purple things for a change! I bought Henley a few new shirts as well as he has decided that he doesn't like stripes or buttons. The buttons I can understand because he like to dress himself and can't quite do them, but stripes? He's always hated plaid as well and I am already fearful of the teen years - if he's this fashion picky at 3 and a half, what will he be like at 16?!?! He's hair picky too - he has to have gel in every morning. I'm probably really in for it! My mom has been a stylist for almost 40 years and I am really clothing picky so I think this is probably genetic.

In other news I had a dentist appointment this week that didn't go as I wanted. I had a minor chip in my front tooth repaired in September and I noticed some jaw pain around that time as well. The jaw pain has gotten progressively worse so I went in hoping that I just needed a minor adjustment. He did a little bit of adjusting but he thinks it might be TMJ so I have to go back next week for another check. Hopefully I will feel so much better that I won't need to go back in!

Matt, Henley and I have all had colds this week. So we're all tired and cranky. It hasn't been pretty at our house. It's especially awful to watch Matt take a Sudafed and feel so much better while I sit there miserable. Hopefully we'll be in good shape for Thanksgiving next week. If not, at least my parents will be in town to help take care of us!

~ Staci

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