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Week 24
~ Thanksgiving and TMJ

Henley as a PilgrimWell, it's official . . . I have TMJ. I was fitted for a mouth guard this week. Due to the holiday, I can't pick it up until December 4th. So, until then, I am stuck. Tylenol doesn't seem to help and he thinks that it could be a couple weeks of using the mouth guard until I feel even a bit better. I am hoping that I will see some improvement by Christmas. He also mentioned that I may need physical therapy as well. I really hope not.

Henley's pre-school put on their Thanksgiving pageant this week. It was adorable. I don't know how the teachers can get ten 3 year olds to line up and sing but they did a fantastic job. Matt wasn't able to make it as he had a meeting that morning so I videotaped it and then we all got to enjoy the show all weekend - it's about 2 minutes long from start to finish.

Matt's 35th birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year. We had a party for him on Saturday. I bought him a Wii - which we spent a lot of the long holiday weekend playing - to the point that my arms are sore! It's definitely fun for parties. Everyone was up and moving around and laughing. We had a great Thanksgiving. It was pretty low key; just my parents for dinner and then our neighbors and their kids came over for pie and goodies in the evening.

My mom and I did a little shopping on Black Friday. Not much, just one store, really. I'm moving slower this year and wasn't in the mood for fighting crowds and waiting in lines. Normally we make a big day of it but it was nice this year to just be out of the house for a couple hours and then come home and eat some leftovers. She did have some fun buying a couple pink things for the baby and a maternity sweater for me!

My parents headed out on Sunday and the three of us all took naps - long naps. Henley's best friend had a birthday party that afternoon so we headed over for that after nap time. After all the fun at the party we both could have used another nap!

The baby is getting more and more active. Any time I said anything my mom would run over to try and feel some movement. We have the occasional movement that can be seen from the outside but it's still just mostly movements that I can feel from the inside. Hopefully by Christmas everyone will be able to feel something.

~ Staci

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