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Week 25
~ Not super exciting . . .

Other than a routine doctor appointment there isn't much exciting happening . . .

My doctor appointment ended up being really frustrating though. The OB that we had for our first baby was truly great. She was patient and funny and was just really easy to talk to. Well, Henley ended up being the last baby she delivered. She left the state and opened an office where she is just doing gynecology work. So, for this baby we needed a new OB. Dr. B did rounds on me when I was in the hospital following my C-section with Henley. She seemed nice and competent and her husband is Henley's pediatrician so it seemed like she would be an easy transition. The problem isn't really her, although she always tends to be a little bit late. The issue is with some of her staff. I have had appointments rescheduled several times and with this one they called and changed the appointment - they called me - I repeated the date and time back to the receptionist and immediately put the information into my blackberry. I have to keep my calendar up to date with work and everything else so I live and die by it.

So, I arrive at the scheduled time and the receptionist - the one who called me - looks at me like I am insane. She then tells me that I am there at the wrong time and I missed my appointment. It was all I could do to keep from strangling her. The only reason I didn't is that I am trying to keep my blood pressure in check! They weren't busy at the time so I was able to get in with a minor delay so the impact wasn't huge but was definitely frustrating!

I've had a couple weird experiences with one of the nurses as well. As I have said before I had GD with Henley. I am really trying to avoid that this time around and because of that I am super cautious with my blood sugar. The nurse practitioner and the doctor have both ordered random glucose samples any time I have asked. One day while drawing my blood the nurse asked me why I want all these random glucose tests . . . um, gee, I just like to be poked and prodded . . . had she taken a second to even look at my file or had been paying attention 2 minutes earlier when Dr. B and I were talking about it she would have known . . . but still, isn't the name 'random glucose test' kind of self explanatory?

OK, enough of my rant . . . after that was all taken care of the appointment went well. I was up three pounds which isn't too bad considering I felt like I stuffed myself the entire week of Thanksgiving. Blood pressure was good and our little girl had great heart rate. I set up my 1 hour glucose test. It will be on December 18th. I am trying to keep my expectations in check regarding the test. I am hoping to pass but I need to be ready to deal with it if I fail. Everything else is going pretty smoothly, work is good, home is good . . . now that I had my four day weekend over Thanksgiving I am counting down the days until we are off for Christmas. I'm taking almost two weeks off and I can't wait!

~ Staci

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