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Week 26
~ Christmas Tree

Well, this week started it off - we are officially in full Christmas mode at our house. We have been having terrible wind storms here the last few days. We had been promising Henley that we would get the Christmas tree all weekend. So, we set off to our usual Christmas tree lot and they were closed due to wind!! Poor Henley was so upset. And it is nearly impossible to explain to a crying 3 year old why we can't get our tree right then - especially since he could clearly see them all there through the fence.

We were able to get the tree the next day (thank God) and we had a lot of fun getting all the ornaments on. I am slightly allergic to pine trees so I generally just put on a couple ornaments and then let Henley and Matt go crazy. The majority of ornaments are at about the 3 foot mark - just at Henley's eye level . . .

Matt spent an afternoon getting the outside lights up as well so that is done. We ended up only putting up about half of our usual decorations. I'm just not totally motivated to dig everything out of the attic (and then clean it all up in January). Next year I'll get everything up - when I don't have 20 extra pounds hanging off my front!

Matt's company had their Christmas party on Friday night. It was a very casual gathering and very kid focused. They had all kinds of fun kid activities set up. Henley made a gingerbread house (and ate about 20 pounds of gumdrops) and colored some ornaments. They also had Christmas movies playing. It was great. The kids were all occupied so we were able to actually have some adult conversations!

The baby seems to be doing well; she is definitely growing and is very active during the evening. She likes to curl up in a ball on my side - which leaves me looking lopsided. At least it is kind of funny!

~ Staci

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