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Week 27
~ Work, Work, Work!

It has been one of those weeks! A couple really long days at work and some changes on the project I'm working on - it's been exhausting! Our major deadline for a project that our team has been working on for over a year has been extended - it was February 1st. It is now April 1st. A good thing for the team but a bad thing for me. My leave begins on March 7th so I have to have all my documentation complete and ready to transition to a new PM before I go on leave. Hopefully we will be in a place where I can hand over everything and it won't be a tough transition and I can leave without worrying about anything.

About a month ago our entire team was moved to a different floor in our building. So I packed up all my stuff and had a couple of the guys I work with carry it downstairs. It was actually nice to be down there; the floor isn't anywhere near full so it's very quiet. Plus, my office had a nice view of the park and I could watch the preschool kids playing out at recess and daydream and wish that I was 4 and could ride my bike in the park all day. Well, some executives came to visit our location and decided that the floor we were on wasn't very nice (it's not terrible, buts it's not nearly as nice as our other floors) so they wanted us moved back up immediately. So, I again packed up all my stuff and flagged down some guys to carry it back upstairs. It's kind of funny but more just annoying . . . and my office up here has a nice view of the parking lot and freeway.

I spent a couple days Christmas shopping this week. I think I am pretty close to done. I need a few stocking stuffers for Matt but other than that I think I can call it done. I usually head out on a Saturday and shop all day and get it all done at once but this time I've done more little trips. I seem to get a little over stimulated or just generally irritated with the crowds. It's strange as crowds have ever really ever bothered me. Hopefully it will go away after the baby!

Nothing else to really report for this week. Everyone is doing well. Good movement and activity from the baby. Next week is my 1 hour glucose test and my next doctor appointment. Hopefully that all goes well. I'm a bit nervous about it.

~ Staci

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