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Week 29
~ Christmas Fun!

Whew - what a fun and exhausting week! I was able to get the dog to the vet and get her spayed. It did make things easy - they gave her a shot for pain and she literally didn't get out of her bed for two days. Friday night we had Henley's first Christmas Pageant - so cute with the pre-school kids! They sang some songs in the beginning and then at the end Henley was a shepherd and his best friend was a sheep. It was so cute! We caught the whole show on video and of course made the entire family watch it over Christmas.

We left town on Saturday morning - the car was packed full. We hit all different kinds of weather: rain, hail, snow. We took our time and made it to my parents around 3 in the afternoon. My brother and his family thought that they would just be a couple hours behind us but they hit really terrible weather and didn't get in until about 10. Henley was so wound up to see his cousin and his aunt and uncle so he was up and they were wound up together until about midnight. Once we got them to bed we stayed up chatting until around 1. Way too late for me!

Sunday we headed up to my in-laws house for the day. Henley was able to play with his other cousin in the snow and had a great time. We weren't able to stay there very long as the snow really picked up in the afternoon, not to mention the fact that I was completely exhausted after only 6 hours of sleep! After we got home we ate dinner, got the kids to bed and started playing the Wii (of course we had to take it on the trip) I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 while the group played around me until after midnight.

Monday/Christmas Eve was probably the most fun day of the week. My sister dropped my nephew off - she had to work that day so the 3 grandkids got to run around and play together. Cole is now 11 and he is so much fun and the two little ones love being with him so much. We spent the day making sugar cookies. Cole helped make the dough and did the cookie cutter work, my mom and I did all the frosting and then the two littlest got to put the sprinkles on. There were more sprinkles on those cookies than any cookie ever! We went to Christmas Eve church that night with the whole family - the kids were really well behaved. But, being in one row with your grandma, grandpa, and two great-grandmas is probably great motivation to be well behaved. Plus you are at zero hour for Santa so good behavior is a must!

Christmas morning with a 3 year old and a 4 year old was a blast. It was pandemonium! I like to take a long time to open gifts and with the kids they open one thing and play with it and then go on to the next so that was great - we opened gifts for hours. My brother and his wife opened their ultrasound that morning as a Christmas present and we found out that they are going to have another little girl so that made the morning even more special. My parents bought the new babies their first little presents (they had a boy toy and a girl toy at the ready when the announcement came!) So our baby got her first little doll to play with. We spent the afternoon eating and playing with all the new toys and we even got the great grandmas playing Wii - hilarious!

We spent Wednesday taking it easy, letting the kids play with their new stuff and then that evening a lot of my parents friends and our aunt, uncle and some cousins came over to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. It was a nice time - good food and great conversation. We left on Thursday morning so we could get back and unpacked before I had to go in for my 3 hour glucose test. The weather was again challenging on the way home but we made it through with no problems.

That night I was so tired and really regretting scheduling my test for Friday morning. I really wanted to push it out until Monday and just sleep in but I rallied and got up and checked in at the hospital at 7:45. Well, it turns out that they had the appointment set up but didn't have the orders from my doctor yet. So, another screw up by my doctor's office! I was so frustrated (and hungry!!). So, I've rescheduled it for Monday and left a message with the answering service to get the order sent over. I really want to get this done so we can determine if I need insulin or if I can just handle this with diet. With the holidays it was all delayed so it just seems to be taking forever. I don't want to take any risks with the baby so that makes this all the more frustrating. Hopefully next week I'll have had my appointment and all will be progressing!

~ Staci

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