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Week 30
~ More Tests and Painting!

After my bad experience last week with the orders not being there for my glucose testing I was really frustrated. On Saturday I went to Home Depot and bought paint to work on the nursery. I worked out all my frustrations with the doctor! I got the room emptied, cleaned and repainted. Matt got the crib put together and we recovered our glider chair. It looks so cute. We still need to buy some things for the baby - we didn't buy any neutral clothes, sheets or anything when I was pregnant with Henley so we need to hit the store for sheets, pj's and all that fun stuff.

Sunday was our 12th anniversary. Henley went on a play date next door and Matt and I went out to dinner and a movie. It was so nice - we haven't been to a non-cartoon in at least a year! I had to fast that night in preparation for my glucose testing so we ate a bit early and I stayed away from the popcorn the last half of the movie.

I got up early on Monday morning and got ready for my test. I called in advance to make sure that the orders were in - guess what? They weren't there again! So, I threw some laundry in and crashed on the couch for an hour. Well, this was after I threw a minor fit . . .

We spent New Year's eve with friends, we didn't have to go far, just next door. Everyone has kids so there were about 10 kids running around like crazy - almost all of them made it to midnight. They ran around in the front yard with sparklers and had a fun time. Several people in our neighborhood had large aerial fire works going so we were able to watch those as well. That, however, got a little old as they went until about 1 AM and we were definitely ready to be asleep by then! Henley isn't much for sleeping in but he did make it until almost 7:30 - huge for him. He's a 6 AM guy. We spent most of New Year's Day napping and getting ready to go back to work after almost two weeks off.

My first day back in the office was a little hectic but so many others were also out on vacation there wasn't a ton of catching up to do. It actually flew by.

I was finally able to get in for my glucose testing on Friday! The orders were there. So after fasting three times I am finally done! I was tired and starving after the test and the baby was seriously wound up. She was bouncing all over the place. I probably should have headed home for a nap but I went into the office - after being out on vacation I didn't want to take more time. I went to bed when Henley did at 8 and slept hard until the alarm went off - the tests and heading back to work seem to have taken their toll.

Hopefully I will have the results back on Monday or Tuesday and we can either rest easy that I don't have GD or move forward with blood sugar monitoring at home. With all the delays I am worried that we lost a lot of time. I've been pretty well behaved and have been watching my sugar intake so I've been at least playing it safe.

~ Staci

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