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Week 31

Sunday night I woke up at about 3. I'm not quite up every night but almost. My bladder is being crushed by a crazy girl . . . anyway, once I got back in bed I realized that she had the hiccups. I had forgotten how funny that feels. Henley had them all the time toward the end - it's strange how we forget these things! So, I stayed there very still for awhile just to enjoy the hiccups . Since then she's had them again this week. She's gotten big enough or maybe just strong enough to see a lot of movements on the outside. Henley was head down and ready to come out for the last couple months so I was rarely able to see anything and Matt wasn't able to feel much. So, this time around it is so strange to actually see my shirt move. I'm a little worried that if she is this active on the inside she'll be crazy on the outside . . . only time will tell!!

Monday afternoon the nurse from the doctor's office called with my test results - I failed. I passed the fasting blood draw and failed the other three. The numbers were close though so they are pretty confident that I will be able to control it again with diet and a bit of exercise. I met with the diabetic nurse this morning (Thursday) and got my new monitor. My first test there in the office was 86 - very good. At least I know I'm on the right track. I meet in the morning with the dietician so I'll have my food plan all set up then.

I'll be seeing my OB on Monday. I am still really frustrated with my last couple visits as well as how the glucose testing went. I will talk to her about it. If this was my first baby and I was unsure of what I needed I would leave her practice and find someone else. But with 8 weeks to go and a scheduled C-section I don't want to change now. I do feel like this time around I am driving a lot of my own care - probably because I had such a great OB last time. I think that Dr. B is a good OB, I just think she needs to 'clean house' and get some new office staff.

The name debate has started at our house. I really thought that we had a name picked out. We were all happy with it. Here's the situation. Our last name rhymes with a body part. A 'private' partů so, we have to be careful on first names. Well, we thought that Mia would be great. (It's really the junior high years that I am most worried about . . .) We involved family and friends - no one could think of a way to make that first name sound bad with our last name. UNTIL . . . we consulted our 13 year old nephew . . . and he said, within a millisecond, "so, her name will be 'Me a' 'body part'." So, now I am second guessing the name. Matt doesn't think that it will be a big deal, he was teased because of it a lot while growing up and I think that he just thinks its part of being a kid. And really, there isn't a lot I can do about the last name so first name probably doesn't really matter; there will be teasing either way . . . ugh . . . so we may be back to the drawing board. If changing the last name was an option it would be done but there are some family politics around it that would make that quite difficult.

~ Staci

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