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Week 32 (and parts of 33)
~ Frustration Continues

I'm a few days late in my posting because things have been completely insane around here! I spent most of the weekend digging through Henley's baby things and tidying up and then Sunday I steam cleaned the family room carpet. We don't have much carpet in the house and I just felt like the carpet was dingy so I went crazy. I pushed chairs around and cleaned for about 2 hours. It looks so much better and I actually felt like I really accomplished something. Matt wanted to hire a pro, but why do that when we own the steam cleaner, etc?

On Monday Matt and I headed into the doctor. We were the first appointment of the day and we were ready to tell her how frustrated we had been on some of our last appointments. Well, after 45 minutes of waiting - I had been weighed, blood pressure checked, sugar checked - everything done - just needed to be measured and a heart rate check - we got up and told the nurse that we had to go. She did a quick baby heart rate check and we left. So, another thing to add on to our frustration list . . . from the looks on their faces, they haven't had many people walk out on them.

I called that afternoon and set up all my remaining appointments. They are weekly now so I took either the last appointment of the day or the first one after lunch. It's not a big deal if they are late if I'm on my way home but if I have meetings set up in the office I need to get in. I can't leave a conference room full of people waiting. Not to mention, being left in the room for 45 minutes with no one saying anything is a tad ridiculous.

So, at that point, I was feeling good about myself. Until Tuesday afternoon. I started spotting. And of course, I started freaking out. So I called Dr. B's office. She doesn't work on Tuesday's but the nurse practitioner was there and we decided it would be best if I headed down and had an NST and she checked everything out. I called Matt on the way and he met me there. We really like this particular nurse and the nurse practitioner - they are both really sweet and they make it fun and relaxing. NP figured that I had just overdone it over the weekend with all my cleaning and the NST looked good. As a precaution she put me on bed rest through Friday and I had another NST and check on Friday.

Fortunately I can work from home - I didn't have to - it would have been great to be off work if I could do more than watch TV and lie in bed . . . even with a million channels there is nothing on (How many Saved by the Bell and CSI reruns can you watch?!?!) so I think I would have been bored to tears without email and instant messenger. And I haven't begun to transition any of my tasks to a new person so it could have been a bit scary for people I work with if I just disappeared (at least I'd like to think that they really need me!!).

On Friday we headed in to have a NST and check up. I was still spotting a little bit but not having contractions or anything. Lots of good movement from the baby, blood sugar was good, blood pressure was good so NP thought we should play it safe and have an ultrasound to see if there was a clot causing the problems. They were able to get us right in at the hospital - which was a relief! I was so glad to not have to wait through the weekend. NP called that afternoon, the ultrasound looked good, no clots and she's growing well. The radiologist did tell her that the amniotic fluid was in normal range but on the low side of normal. So she told me to drink extra fluids and stay on 'modified' rest until my next appointment. It was scheduled for Tuesday.

We stayed home most of the weekend. We did go out on Sunday to go to church and since it was a sunny day, rare for January in Oregon, we took the car through the car wash (excellent good behavior bribery for Henley - he likes to go through the car wash with the 'twisters'). After that I went back to taking it easy on the couch.

Monday I worked from the couch, on the phone a lot and on my laptop. Matt had to fly out to Minneapolis for work on Tuesday morning - the doctor said that I should be fine and he could go. So I went to the Tuesday appointment alone. The NST went well and all my other stats were good. I was cleared to go back to work but with caution - no more crazy cleaning sprees, no heavy lifting, etc.

While I was on the phone with my Mom on Tuesday afternoon telling her the good news that I was off bed rest and everything was fine I got a call on the other line from the doctor's office. It was NP telling me that the radiologist had told her on Friday that I was on the low side of normal but now that she had the written reports the fluid was what she would consider low and not any where near normal. Could I come in on Wednesday morning for an ultrasound? Of course I told her I would be there and then I called Matt to let him know. He felt awful being stuck in Minneapolis while I had another ultrasound done and he was nervous that there might be something wrong and he would be away from home.

I was a little nervous Wednesday morning but the baby was kicking like crazy and moving around so that seemed reassuring. Both the doctor and the NP were there during the ultrasound so that was good. They took all the measurements and totaled it up - it came out to 15.2. According to the test on Friday it was 2.5 - so there may have been an error on Friday to make it come out that low. They kept checking everything out and I was able to see her sucking her thumb and doing some practice breathing - it was pretty amazing. I got a print out of her face - you can only see part of it because her thumb is in her mouth - so cute! They were pretty happy to see the practice breathing and the thumb sucking as well. So, all in all, she's looking pretty good. She's at the 55th percentile so she's medium at this point. Henley was and has always been 95th percentile for height, 50th for weight so we'll see if she can keep up with him in height!

With all that has happened in the last week and a half I feel even more connected to her (not to mention protective of her) and I just can't wait to get her out in the world and meet her! And - we've finally settled on a name: Madison Aileen. We'll probably call her Madi but we'll see. We've never shortened Henley into anything, although that one is pretty tough to shorten!

~ Staci

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