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Week 34
~ Fun and Funk

It's been a great week for the baby. She has been extremely active. In our NST this week she was kicking and rolling so much they came into the room and turned the machine's volume down as she could be heard from the other rooms. Size is good, heart rate is good. She is just doing terrifically. While I was at the doctor she called and booked the OR for our c-section. We are booked for 7:30 AM on March 10th. It was such a strange feeling listening to the doctor book the OR! By 8 AM that day, we'll have a baby!!

I caught 'the funk' this week. There has been a terrible cold going around the office and it finally caught me. Matt traveled again this week so Henley and I were on our own. I didn't sleep well on Tuesday night partially because of my own sore throat and partially because Henley was up coughing all night. We stayed home in bed on Wednesday coughing, aches, chills. Fortunately Matt was able to get an earlier flight and he came in around midnight on Wednesday. We were up most of the night again - both of us coughing. Henley and I stayed in bed for most of Thursday other than both of us having doctor appointments. Henley was miserable and clingy all day until we got to the doctor and then he was fine and told the doctor that he felt great . . . ugh. Henley had pneumonia last year and because of that the doctor didn't want to prescribe him a cough medicine - he would rather have him cough it out. By that night he said that his ear hurt but his coughing was much better.

We rented a house near Mt. Hood with friends for the weekend. I was nervous that our sickness would prevent us from leaving on Friday. Our plan had been to leave around 11 AM. I still felt terrible so we shifted out a day and decided to leave when we woke up on Saturday morning instead. The plan was that I would get a great night of sleep at home and I'd feel better. I slept terribly again (of course!) and woke up about 3 AM. I took more cough medicine and tried to fall back to sleep. I gave up at 5 and just got up and got ready. Matt got up at 6:30 and loaded up the car and we waited for Henley to get up. Henley never sleeps past 6:45 - that is of course until we are waiting on him . . . he didn't wake up until 7:30! I figured that was good though because the next couple days were going to be so busy for him.

Henley in the snowThe trip up was a bit hairy. A lot of snow and ice. It was my first time driving on chains - very strange for the first time. When we got there all the kids were getting ready to go sledding. Matt got Henley ready and they went out with most of the others and I stayed in the house and sat on the couch in front of the fire - pretty much where I stayed for the rest of the weekend. There was more snow there than I have ever seen in my life! It was at least 3 feet high on the roof of the house and would occasionally 'avalanche' off the roof so we had to keep the kids away from the sides of the house for fear they'd get buried. The kids had so much fun playing in the snow and sledding and playing in the house. After they went to bed the adults stayed up playing games. I was laughing so hard that I was coughing to the point I was choking. I'm so glad that we made the trip up. The food was great, the kids had fun, the house was amazing. It was our last trip out of town before the baby. The only problem now is that Henley wakes up every morning and asks to go sledding!

Well, it's been 7 days and the cold is still hanging on so I'm glad I didn't skip the weekend since I probably wouldn't have gotten better anyway. I do feel better but my voice is hoarse and I cough like I've worked in a coal mine for 50 years. I was on a conference call this morning and no one recognized who I was. I could have said anything!

~ Staci

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