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Week 36
~ More Bedrest!

I'm posting a few days late again this week because so much is going on. I went to my usual Wednesday appointment last week. The NST looked good but my fundal height has been at 35 CM for the last 3 weeks so either the baby isn't growing or my fluid was low again. So, I went back on bedrest with instructions to drink lots of water. I had a full ultrasound scheduled for Friday to measure the fluid and the baby. The NP told me that if the fluid was good on Friday I could go on modified rest and move into 'take it easy' mode.

Thursday was pretty low key. I just stayed in bed, worked a little bit and watched TV. Friday morning Matt and I went to the ultrasound. I was really nervous that it wasn't going to go well and that we would be having the baby over the weekend. Madi is doing well. She was moving around a lot and made it hard for the tech to get the scan done. The tech was able to tell us that the fluid looked good. She did say that Madi is measuring a little small so that made me a little nervous.

We didn't do much on Saturday. The weather here was amazing so I sat on the porch swing enjoying the sunshine while Henley played outside. Our one outing was to take the car through the car wash and then we came home and took naps. A very relaxing day!

Sunday was Henley's fourth birthday party. Luckily we had booked a pizza parlor so there wasn't anything happening in our house! I did go to the party but I sat in a chair and just watched. Thank God we have such great friends - they ran interference when the kids were in the play land and they helped out serving pizza, drinks, cake and ice cream. When we got home from the party we all took naps - Henley was so exhausted he slept about 3 hours. I slept at least 2 hours as well.

I had an OB appointment on Monday and we got the full ultrasound report. The baby is just measuring a day or two behind the due date but she is growing perfectly. The fluid was back up to where it should be. She still wants me to be on modified rest and take it easy until we have the baby. I can go to work and putter around a bit as long as I get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water.

As far as work goes I normally work from home on Tuesdays so I can drive the preschool carpool. I only go into the office four days a week as it is now. I'll probably step that up to two days a week fully from home and maybe a couple half days. I only have two weeks left until my leave begins so it should be pretty smooth until the fifth when I am done for three months. I'm still interviewing contractors to fill in for my leave. Hopefully we get someone this week so I have a week to transition everything. If not I'll probably get a few phone calls but it shouldn't be a big deal.

~ Staci

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