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Week 19 ~ March 16, 2005
~ What a Great Week!

What a busy week... I feel like I've had more going on this week than I have my whole pregnancy. My husband and I were finally able to get out together and do some shopping for things for the baby. It seems that every time we had a shopping trip planned something else came up and we couldn't go. But on Sunday we went to the mall and looked at crib bedding. I got a really adorable Winnie the Pooh set and wallpaper border to match. We also went to the furniture store to look at all the furniture we'll need for the nursery. We found some things that we both really liked and we plan on ordering them in the next few weeks. And we went to BabiesRUs to look at more furniture and some of the other things we'll need for the baby. In all it was a very successful shopping day.

I finally had my big ultrasound on Monday. I've been really nervous about it. I knew what was going to happen because I've already had 3 ultrasounds this pregnancy. But for some reason I felt like this was going to be the big thing to tell if I was being a good mother or not. There was a lot they needed to check the baby for and I was thinking that if anything was wrong it would be my fault so I started to get nervous about what they would see. Boy was I surprised at what they saw.

The baby was so sweet to watch. It was sleepy and didn't want to move. So the ultrasound technician pushed on my belly a few times to get the baby to wake up. When she (the Tech) did this we saw the baby yawn and stretch its arms and legs. The tech got a great picture of the baby with its arms up and mouth wide open. That's my favorite picture. It was so cool to see the baby moving and kicking. I was able to see a foot and count 5 little toes. The baby's foot is an inch long and looked good, but a little small. So technician was concerned that my due date may be off by 8-10 days. When I first found out I was pregnant I used StorkNet's Due Date Calculator to check the due date of the baby and that happened to be a week off from what to nurse said at my first visit. I asked my doctor about the discrepancy but they decided to leave the date and see how the baby was growing. So... my due date may be adjusted in the next few weeks and we'll have to see.

The technician wasn't able to get all the information she needed about the baby. It was happy laying on its back and wouldn't move enough to let the tech get a good view of the spine. So there is some information that needs to be gathered at yet another ultrasound in 3 weeks. The technician was also a little concerned about the placenta and cervix being close together. She didn't say what this meant but that it would have to be checked on a future ultrasound as well. When I got home I did research about it on the internet and discovered some things that linked it to Placenta Previa, which made me a little worried about what could be wrong. So I went to, a message board at StorkNet. I asked the Midwife (Donna Balo, CNM, MS) about what the ultrasound tech found. She told me that there really was nothing to worry about at this point and from now on I should only get a diagnosis from my doctor. So I'm feeling better about that.

The other thing I was completely surprised at was finding out the baby's gender. The technician wasn't able to get a picture but she was able to see the baby clear enough to know what it is. When I went in for the ultrasound I was firm in the fact that I wanted to know the gender and when I asked the technician if she knew and she asked us if we wanted to know I said yes, definitely. She said, “Well, it's a GIRL.” I was so shocked and moved that I started crying. I had completely thought it was a boy and I think I had started to convince everyone around me that it was a boy too. But there was something more than just shock about finding out I was wrong about the baby's gender. It was like there was this sudden link and connection that I had with the baby that wasn't there before. All the things I had been through in my pregnancy... the morning sickness, acne, indigestion and my headaches, I knew it was my little girl, my daughter that had been through it all with me. She was the one who was causing my body to feel so foreign to me. In that instant I started to know her as a person, a part of me. It's a bond beyond what I have ever felt before.

So... I have a regular OB check up on Monday and my next ultrasound on the 4th of April. I'm pretty anxious to get this whole due date thing nailed down and dealt with. I know most babies are never born on their due date but I'd still like to have a date that I can keep as a window of when the baby may be born. I'm really looking forward to going away this weekend to spend some time with my mom and my sister. It'll be good to be with my family again.

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