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Week 21 ~ March 31, 2005
~ Spring is Here!!!

Woohoo!!! Spring is here, really here! The sun is out, grass is growing and flowers are blooming. With the whole world blossoming, it's a great time to be pregnant. Apart from the beautiful weather this has been a pretty boring, monotonous week. Schools around here are on Spring Break so work has been very slow. I've been home from work early every day this week. Sean and I have been packing and cleaning up the 2nd floor for our remodeling project and I have been preparing for a baby shower I am hosting here with some friends for another one of our friends who is due in May.

A few days ago I started feeling the baby move. It felt like little butterflies tickling me inside. So Sean and I decided to call the baby Flutter Bug until we come up with a name. I've heard her heartbeat and seen her on the ultrasound screen. But feeling her move is a completely different experience. In the past few weeks, ever since finding out that we're having a girl, there's been a connection there that didn't exist before. Every day, as Sean and I discuss names and talk about the baby as our daughter, the fact that there is a little girl (part of my husband and me) growing inside me... it just becomes so real. We're having a girl and I'm going to be a mom.

Last week when I went to the doctor she asked me if Sean and I were registered for classes yet. I told her no and she helped me get signed up for a class at the office. That got me thinking about prenatal classes... If this is your first baby how do you know what classes you should be taking? I don't have any friends who have kids yet (3 of them are pregnant but none have gone through labor). I could ask my sister but she had her first baby over 8 years ago. What do Sean and I need to know going into this? How helpful (REALLY) are these classes. Which leads to a whole new set of questions about what we plan to do as far as drugs during labor, breastfeeding and other things. What exactly do we need to know and how do we decide?

I'm looking forward to this weekend, hanging out with friends and throwing this baby shower. And on Monday we have another ultrasound scheduled. I hope Flutter Bug will be cooperative this time and flip around a little so the ultrasound technician can get all the pictures she needs. I really enjoy the opportunity to see the baby on screen but I think five ultrasounds really is enough for one pregnancy, especially if every thing is healthy.

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