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Week 23 ~ April 14, 2005
~ Pregnant Brain Strikes Again

I know I haven't mentioned pregnant brain before because it's a little embarrassing and I feel kind of like an idiot when it happens. But I have major pregnant brain, the moments of forgetfulness that happen ALL THE TIME. Today I called my mom to leave a message for her to call me. I tried to leave my cell phone number but I couldn't remember it. The only thing I could remember was the AREA CODE. This morning I dropped off some movies and books at the library; I checked out a few pregnancy videos last week and they're due back soon. About an hour after I dropped them off one of the librarians called; I forgot to put the movies back in the cases before returning them. This sort of thing is not an uncommon occurrence for me. Tuesday I went out specifically to deposit a check into my bank account when I got there I realized I left the check at home.

Today has been and is going to be a busy day for me. This morning I had to go to court because I was fighting the ticket I got from my car accident in February. The officer who wrote me the ticket told me to contest it and he would see what he could do to help me get off. Well, he did his part today by calling in sick to work. Without the officer present I was told I could either reschedule the court date or take the fine from the ticket and have no points on my license and the accident expunged from my record. I chose to pay the fine. I still had to go in front of the judge to have it made official but it was really a pretty painless experience.

This afternoon I have an appointment with a nutritionist. I finally got my family doctor to cooperate with me and write me a referral. I hope the nutritionist can give me some good advice about my eating and the baby will start putting on some weight. For my part I have started eating like a pig this past week, not really but I have increased my food intake by almost one full meal each day. Now I eat about 6-7 small meals throughout the day. I've even started incorporating some fresh vegetables (I don't really eat veggies, unless you count the tomato sauce in pizza) but I am trying. Even though I am eating more food I'm not gaining any weight. I'm still down from my pre-pregnancy weight by about 5 pounds. I've got a doctor's appointment on Monday so I'll be able to talk to my OB about it after I talk to the nutritionist today.

I also have to go the the post office and Curves today. Then I have a dinner to go to with my husband tonight. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I workout at Curves 3 times a week and I love it. I feel so energized when I go. My doctor told me to keep going and to get regular exercise through out the pregnancy. I really think exercising has helped me not feel so many of the aches and pains of pregnancy. I feel more flexible and I don't really get stiff or sore (yet). More than that though I just feel good about going. I go and take time for myself and do something for me, for my body, so that I can live a healthier life. I even have fun doing it.

Lately the thing I have been thinking about most, besides the baby's health, is how my relationship with my husband will change. I don't think we ever talked or thought about how our relationship would change as we transitioned from a couple into a family. Of course there is added responsibility with children. But how much of who we are becomes about parenting instead of us and having fun together? How do we keep magic and passion alive in our relationship instead of having it all be about the kids? I would think that people change a lot in a relationship when children come. But how do we keep from losing our identity and becoming just parents and friends instead of remaining lovers and life partners?

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