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Week 24 ~ April 21, 2005
~ Oh, What a Feeling!

My husband finally felt the baby move this weekend. He has been asking me about it for weeks, wanting to know when he would be able to feel her move and it finally happened. We were sitting on the couch after eating lunch and she was feeling particularly active. My husband put his hand on my belly to feel her and she stopped moving. So he gave me a zerbert (a raspberry on the belly) and she just went crazy kicking and moving all over the place. The look on his face was priceless. It was like a little kid on Christmas morning. His eyes got big and round and this grin spread across his face. It was so great that he finally got to feel our daughter and know that she's in there.

Last week I went to the nutritionist to see what she had to say about my weight and the baby. We talked about what I had been eating and how my eating habits changed since becoming pregnant. One of the things I've done is eating smaller, more frequent meals (mostly to keep morning sickness at bay in the first trimester). The other thing was that I started eating healthier, more fresh fruits each day and cutting out some of the junk I ate. She said that in theory those things were a good idea but I had not been getting enough calories (even though I was still eating regularly) and I just wasn't eating enough food. So she wants me to modify my diet to get more calories. She suggested snacks like nuts and cheese, instead of fruits of vegetables... and ICE CREAM. She actually suggested that I try to eat a lot of ice cream since it is high in calories and has calcium.

I've changed my eating and my husband has been trying to take me out to eat a lot so I can get higher calorie foods in my diet. I try to eat ice cream or another dessert every day. It's been a week and I haven't gained any weight but my belly is getting bigger. I'm hoping the baby is getting some of these calories and growing bigger. We have our next ultrasound on Monday so we'll see how the baby is growing then.

I had my OB appointment on Monday and I asked my doctor about my weight (which is still down 5 pounds from pre-pregnancy) and what the nutritionist said about my eating. I was told that although the baby is small and went down significantly in percentile in a short period of time that there still isn't anything to be seriously concerned about. I still have a large part of the pregnancy to go and the baby could start gaining at any time. She could take a huge jump in weight in a relatively short period of time. And if the issue was just getting more calories and I wasn't able to do that through diet they could put me on an IV to give me the calories if the situation really became bad. So I'm not as concerned about things now. Last time I talked to the doctor (due to my overactive imagination) I felt like it was a very serious situation that could significantly impact the baby even going to term. I feel better knowing that the baby will really be okay. I know she is growing and getting stronger, I can feel her. My husband can feel her.

I just realized that the one thing that's going on that I haven't mentioned is the remodeling project we are doing on our house to get ready for the baby and it's a biggie. I'll tell you about it next week.

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