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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25 ~ April 28, 2005
~ Braxton Hicks

I feel like I hit another milestone this week with my first Braxton Hicks contraction. I was laying in bed trying to sleep on Tuesday night and my uterus suddenly felt really hard and tight. It wasn't really painful but it was kind of uncomfortable. It just lasted a few seconds and it only happened once but it was a cool feeling to know that my body is getting ready for the baby to be born.

I had my sixth ultrasound this week. Things, they are a' changing. It's been three weeks since my last appointment and the baby has grown (yay!). The technician measured different parts of the baby (femur bone, abdomen, head, etc.) and then used a book of averages to compute the percentile of each body part as it should be with the baby's age. Then she made an average of all the numbers. Three weeks ago the baby was in the 10th percentile and this week she is in the 25th percentile. Some of the measurements have gone up in percentile, some have gone down but every body part has grown in some way. So we are making progress. I will still need to have another ultrasound to keep checking on the size and the baby's position (she is breech right now). I have to keep eating more and trying to get more calories. I guess the ice cream once a day approach is working for us so far

Last week I briefly mentioned the remodeling we our doing to our house to get ready for the baby. When I think about it, I'm not sure it can really be called a remodeling project. I think it's more like a complete overhaul. The upstairs of our house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large walk-in linen closet and a large storage room over the garage (accessed through a small door panel in one of the master bedroom closets). In the fall my husband was leaning against the shower wall in the master bathroom and his hand went through the wall. The tile had cracked and the drywall was soaked through and had mold all over it from the water. It was so bad, even the structural support beams in the walls had mold. So we decided that in the spring we would start remodeling (with the help of my father-in-law).

Remodeling the bathroom has now turned into a MAJOR project. We are completely redoing the bathroom from floor to ceiling (including a new hand tiled shower, properly installed this time). My father-in-law suggested that while we were at it we might as well repaint the whole second floor, rip up the carpet and refinish all the wood floors, add some lighting and electrical outlets and put a new full-size access door to the storage area in the hall way instead of the closet. Every thing is looking great so far and I know that when it is complete we are going to be so happy with how things look. It is a little overwhelming right now though. We have all of our things crammed into the storage area, our office and the guest bedroom. Every week my husband spends 2-3 days working on the project and has been working 10-12 hour days at the office in order to make time for the remodeling. I can't wait till it's all done so I can really start decorating and working on getting ready for the baby. I kind of feel like I am in stasis until the project is complete. I'm also worried about my poor husband. He's working so hard and so many hours. I'm looking forward to going out of town this weekend for a wedding so he can have a break from the remodeling.

Take care and have a great week!!!!

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