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Week 26 ~ May 5, 2005
~ Bottle or Breast??

This past weekend was a mixed blessing. Sean and I had a chance to get away for a few days for a wedding but going away also caused a problem for me. I got so stressed out about packing and being on time and driving and traffic and all sorts of other things that I started having bad cramps and the baby stopped moving so much. I called the doctor when we got back to let her know about the cramping because it was lasting so long and... off I went on another trip to Labor and Delivery to be monitored and checked out.

I had another ultrasound (#7) and the baby was doing okay and moving well. Her heartbeat was a little lower than it has been but still normal. I wasn't having any contractions and I wasn't dilated at all so I was sent home after a few hours. The doctor put me on moderate bedrest for the rest of this week with strict instructions to call if the cramping didn't stop. The cramps have mostly stopped but I think I'm starting to get a cold. I've been really congested the past couple of days, swollen glands, not sleeping well and really tired. My fingers are crossed that it doesn't turn into bronchitis, like I did the last time I got a cold but I think the whole bedrest thing has been good for me.

The big question I have been exploring the past couple of weeks is bottle feeding or breastfeeding. Both have their good points with bottle feeding it's 1.) not having to go through the trouble of learning how to breastfeed or the problems of making sure it's done right. How can you get it wrong with a bottle?? 2.) never having to worry about discreetly feeding in public and 3.) anyone would able to feed the baby so I can go back to work without a problem. The bad point of bottle feeding is 1.) having to wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs to make a bottle in the kitchen and bring it back upstairs to feed.

The good points of breast feeding are 1.) breast milk really does have a lot of nutrients and immunities that aren't in formula 2.) I will never have to worry about making sure I have formula or warming up the bottle. It's always with me and the perfect temperature and 3.) It is much cheaper than buying formula. Some of the bad points are 1.) The baby will need to eat more often so unless I am brave enough to breast feed in public we'll be home a lot 2.) If I want to go back to work I will need to pump 3.) It's bound to be more stressful at first unless I am a complete natural at breast feeding and 4.) The biggest concern for me... if I am having trouble making sure the baby is getting enough nutrients and she is INSIDE me, how hard will it be once she is here and I am breastfeeding.

Even with all the good and bad points I am still leaning toward breastfeeding, for now. I may wait until our classes to make a definite decision. I know that bottle and breast feeding are topics covered in the class. I also have a new resource I can use to talk to about it. My friend Stacey had her baby this weekend while we were out of town. It's a healthy baby girl. Right now with my friends and I, we are at 5 pregnant, 3 girls and ? boys. We'll know for sure by mid-September, when the last one is due.

I'm off to find a good movie and do some more reading... and maybe a little napping.

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