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Week 27 ~ May 11, 2005
~ Third Trimester... Here We Come!!

It's hard to believe but on Sunday we will be starting our third trimester. We're two thirds of the way done and it'll just be a few short months and my husband and I will be parents. We'll be bringing our daughter home. It's exciting and even a little scary. There is so much to do with completing the remodeling, taking classes, decorating and getting ready to be parents. The second trimester has been so great. I'm a little worried that the third isn't going to be so easy.

This past week I received an email from a woman who has been reading my journals. Her email made me realize that I haven't really mentioned my weight or how that has been affecting my pregnancy lately. For the most part I haven't felt any differently. And up until recently I haven't really thought about it. I was a little worried about my weight and the consequences of being overweight and pregnant when the baby was small and wasn't growing like she should. So I saw a nutritionist, changed my eating and she started growing. Her weight increased 15 percentile points in a week and a half. Now that I am on my high calorie, extra ice cream diet I have finally started gaining weight.

This week I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight. For months I have been 3-5 pounds under and I finally made it back. I'm happy that I have gained the weight back because I know that it is what is best for the baby. But I am also a little worried that I will start gaining weight very quickly and I will put on too much weight. I just feel like there is no in between.

I look back at what I did before getting pregnant and think about all the talks and discussions my husband and I had about if we should wait. A year before I got pregnant I had lost and gained back 30 pounds. We talked about if I should try again to lose weight before getting pregnant but in the end decided not to. My OB was supportive of whatever we decided to do. She told me that women who are overweight do have more complications in pregnancy but with proper medical care they also have normal, healthy babies. So we decided not to wait and to start our family. We are ready to be parents and be a family. I don't think going on another diet would have made a difference. Sometimes you just can't judge a situation until you live it.

I don't regret our decision and I wouldn't have done it differently but the next time we have a baby I will weigh less than I did when we got pregnant with this one. If I weighed less when we started I wouldn't be so worried about my weight now. And lately I have felt like a complete COW. I don't know how much is normal pregnancy stuff and how much is normal overweight stuff but I feel huge. My belly is big and round and always in the way. Sometimes I have to push myself up off the couch because my belly hits my thighs when I try to get up. I also have a hard time bending down to tie my shoes because my belly gets in the way. I still have three months to go and I wonder if I really will make it through this pregnancy.

I know that the most important thing is making sure we have a healthy baby and I will do what I have to to make sure the baby is healthy. But I can't help but wonder how every thing would be if I wasn't so overweight.

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