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Week 28 ~ May 20, 2005
~ Getting Ready for Baby

I just started the third trimester and it is already completely obvious to me that this is the trimester that gets mom ready for the baby. In the past few days my body has started getting me up every 2 hours, day or night... to pee. And I have had heartburn and indigestion that keep me walking the floors at night. And my husband... he used to wake up at any sound, now he sleeps through it all. If this pattern keeps up we'll be all set for me to wake up with the baby for feedings and my husband to sleep through it all.

Today I had my Glucose Tolerance Test and OB appointment. I have heard a lot of bad things about it but it wasn't that bad. The solution tasted like sweetened orange soda, it was lightly carbonated and they even had it chilled for me. My one recommendation would be to drink a glass or two of water before the appointment. I was so thirsty for water after I had my glucose drink I could hardly stand it. At my OB appointment the doctor said I was measuring right on target and I finally gained some weight WOOHOO!!!!! I am up 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, right on target to gain the recommended 15 for the pregnancy.

After the OB appointment,Sean and I met with a nurse to start filling out the forms for hospital registration. She also talked to us about the different classes we should take and told us that we need to start finding a pediatrician. It is really starting to feel like the baby will be here soon... registering at the hospital and finding a pediatrician. I also have to start thinking about work and what I plan on doing. I'm just not sure what to do about time off. I don't have a specific limit or time I am allowed to take off. It's all unpaid leave and my boss is willing to work around what ever I want to do. I guess I should sit down with my husband and talk about what will work best for us.

Next week my Sean and I will be in Traverse City. I will be spending time with my mom while he is at a conference. I am so looking forward to going “home” and seeing my family and friends. The last time I saw any of my family was in February when we met in Grand Rapids and my sister helped me start the baby registry. I love my sister and my niece and nephew, I really enjoy getting to see them and spend time with them but there is something extra special about the time I get to spend alone with my mother. I'm not sure what my mom and I have planned but she's taken the whole week off work so we'll get to spend some time together, just the two of us.

Take care and have a great week!

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