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Week 29 ~ May 27, 2005
~ You Can Go Home Again

I had an absolutely wonderful time visiting my family in Traverse City. I really wish I could have stayed longer but the time I spent there was great. Sean and I got in on Monday evening, a little later than we had wanted but that's not unusual. We checked in at the hotel then took my mom out to dinner for a belated Mother's Day celebration. Tuesday morning we had breakfast with my dad. After breakfast Sean had to be back at the hotel for his conference and I went over to my mother's house. We spent the whole afternoon shopping and my mom bought some really adorable outfits for the baby. Tuesday night my mom, sister, niece and nephew came over to the hotel pool while Sean and I were at a dinner banquet. The dinner ran long and we weren't able to make it to the pool before everyone left. Wednesday my mom and I spent the afternoon cleaning out and packing up the last of my things from her basement. That night Sean and I hung out at the pool with my sister and her kids. My sister even brought by several things for the baby that she had purchased from the registry; it was our first registry gift. Thursday morning Sean and I packed up, had breakfast with my mom and came home. The time flew by so quickly but it was really great to be “home” again.

Friday Afternoon - On Friday of last week I got a call from my OB's office, I “failed” the Glucose Tolerance Test. My level was 12 points higher than what they consider normal. So I had to schedule an appointment for the 3 hour test. I just got done with it. It's really more like a three and a half or four hour test and it was not fun. For 3 days prior to the test I had to follow a diet high in carbs. Then I had to fast from midnight until the test was over at 11:15 this morning. I arrived at the doctor's office at 7:30 this morning to start the test. The lab technician was 30 minutes late so my test didn't start on time. The technician took a blood sample first thing, then I drank a bottle of glucose solution. An hour later she took my blood and sent me back to the waiting room until my next blood draw an hour later. I had 4 draws total, an hour between each draw. By the time I was able to leave I was exhausted, very thirsty, hungry and grumpy. I never want to go through that again and I am keeping my fingers crossed that every thing is okay. They will let me know Tuesday if there is a problem, otherwise I won't hear anything from them about the test.

Friday Night - I am completely frustrated and exhausted right now. Sean and I had a really great visit up north but like any other vacation or trip it completely wiped us out. Sean is on edge about all the time he had to miss from work and all the things he needs to do and catch up on. He has several big projects at work that need to be completed in the next few weeks and his dad is pressuring him to get things done for the remodeling project. And Sean, in turn, is pressuring me for things he wants me to do for the remodeling. There have been some big changes in how we are going to finish the project and there is a lot more to do in a shorter period of time. We have been planning on redoing the wood floors upstairs but we were going to do them in 2 stages... 2 bedrooms and the hallway, then the other 2 bedrooms later. Some time in the past 2 weeks Sean and his dad decided that the floors were all going to be done at the same time so now there are 2 more bedrooms that we need to clean out that we weren't planning on. We've already got a bathroom and 2 bedrooms crammed into this space, now it all has to be moved to a completely different space and I just don't see how it will get accomplished.

To make matters more complicated, Sean's step-brother has suddenly decided to get married in New York on Father's Day and that completely takes out another weekend that we should be spending on the house. I don't think we are going to go to the wedding because of Sean's work commitments and the house project but Sean's dad will have to be there instead of here. We also have childbirth classes starting in a week and a half so Sean will have to be at those too. I think both of us are just tired of this project, tired of having things be a mess and frustrated with each other that more isn't getting done. Knowing that we have a time limit by when things need to be completed and that it is getting closer and closer just makes it more stressful. I'd like to take another vacation right about now but it will just make things worse. The only thing for me to do is work hard at getting things done and support Sean in any way I can.

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