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Week 33 ~ June 22, 2005
~ School's Out!

Childbirth classes are over!!!! It's not that I didn't enjoy childbirth class or I didn't learn from them, I did. But there are a lot of other things I could be doing with my time (like working) than sitting in the doctor's office (without the air conditioning on) learning about childbirth. When I was going to sign up for a class I wondered and asked everyone around me who was pregnant or had recently given birth “Should we take a class?” Most of the time I got a “yes”. But I think the the one answer that made me most want to sign up was when my friend, who had a baby in April, said “The one thing I wish is that we had taken more classes. I don't think we were prepared for all of this.” She and her husband took a Saturday afternoon Lamaze class at their hospital with a tour following.

The class Sean and I took covered a lot of different topics: the birth process, medications, labor stages, breathing techniques, hospital policies and procedures, choosing a pediatrician, what to take to the hospital and more. The thing I liked best about our class though was the instructor. She has been a L&D nurse at the hospital we are giving birth at for over 20 years, is a trained lactation consultant and has been teaching this childbirth class through our doctor's office for over 15 years. I found that she was able to answer our questions about birth, the hospital and our doctors. It was great to ask a question about something and have a specific answer about what the hospital allowed and what our doctor usually did.

So if someone asks me if the class was the class worth our time. I'd say yes, definitely. I learned a lot and although I got a little freaked out and nervous about what I will be facing in the delivery room, I really do feel more prepared and secure about going into labor and having a baby. My one piece of advice for others who are choosing a class would be shop around. Make sure you find a class that covers the topics you are interested in. Find an instructor who's experiences pertain to you i.e. don't take a hospital childbirth class taught by a L&D nurse if you are having an all natural home birth.

This week Sean and I are leaving with our friends for our annual “camping” trip to Canada. I call it camping because we have bonfires every night and I sleep in a tent. But we actually stay at Sean's family's primitive cabin in Southampton (Canada). It does have a toilet and kitchen sink, even a stove but it never had hot water (until Sean and his friends bought and installed a water heater a couple years ago), the cabin is not temperature controlled (a basic wood structure sitting on some cinder blocks) and it doesn't have a shower (unless you count the hose out back). The inside of the cabin is pretty average. There is a really cool hand carved bed in there that was made by Sean's great-grandfather but the furniture is very old and dusty and I'm allergic to it. I have bad dust allergies and breathing problems when I sleep in the cabin so I bring my tent and sleep outside. But this year I have an Aero Bed that I am looking forward to using.

We usually go on our vacation the week of 4th of July and enjoy Canada Day festivities but with all of the things people having going on this summer, we moved the trip a week earlier. It really is a great opportunity to relax at the beach, go canoing, take long walks, eat S'mores... and there are no phones or computer hook ups. It really is the only time Sean can truly get away from work and relax and I get a chance to catch up on my reading. I'm not sure how I'm going to do hoisting myself up out of bed to pee 5 times a night but I know we're going to have a lot of fun.

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