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Week 34 ~ June 30, 2005
~ We're Back!

We're back from our vacation. It feels so good to be home where I can cook on a stove, shower in a bathroom and be away from mosquitoes. The trip wasn't as bad as I might make it seem though. Sean was really relaxed and it was nice not having an agenda or schedule to stick to. Sean and I left for Canada Friday morning with his brother, Scott, and our friend Sarah. After a leisurely and scenic drive through the Canadian countryside we arrived at the cottage around 4pm. We unpacked the car, did our grocery shopping and ran a few errands, then spent the evening hanging out by the campfire. I am sure that I ate more than my quota of S'mores for the weekend and they were delicious. I did pretty well sleeping in the tent. I was quite comfortable sleeping on the Aero Bed and getting up to go to the bathroom wasn't that bad either. When I remembered to stop drinking water after dinner I only had to get up 2 times a night to pee. The other nights I was up 4-5 times.

We spent Saturday at the beach. Normally I love to get into my swimsuit, slather myself in sunscreen and play in the sand and water but I was totally not into it this year. When we went to the beach I spent my time in a chair reading in the shade. I didn't even get into my swimsuit and spent the day in shorts and a t-shirt. I did have a good time though and the sunset was amazing. As we sat at the beach looking out onto the water, watching the sun set we were able to see the Chantry Island Lighthouse in the distance. The sky was blue, purple, red and orange all at the same time. The clouds were illuminated by the setting sun and had a bright golden-yellow glow to the edges while remaining pure white in the middle. It was the kind of scene most people only get to read about or see pictures of in a magazine.

On Sunday we slept in late and hung around the campfire talking and relaxing most of the day. Sean, Sarah and Scott went on a tour of the Chantry Island Lighthouse in the afternoon. I stayed home and took a nap. I would have gone but just like at the amusement parks “This ride is not recommended for women who are pregnant.” There are a few steep hills on the island and 106 stairs to the top of the lighthouse so the tour guides thought that it wouldn't be the safest thing for a woman who is 8 months pregnant to do. I was perfectly happy sleeping instead of climbing stairs. Sunday night we had another campfire and finished up our S'mores. Then on Monday morning we packed up our things, closed up the cottage and headed back home. It was a great trip but there really is no place like home.

This week I came to the realization that our baby really will be here soon. In the past few weeks there have been things that have been slowly reminding me that the baby is coming. We finished our childbirth classes, I started bi-weekly OB appointments, and I'm the next StorkNet journal writer who's due to have her baby. But Wednesday morning something happened that made it really clear to me that the baby will be here soon. I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, orange juice among them. When I looked down at the carton I noticed the expiration date, August 8th. Then I did a double take. August 8th, the day after my due date. I know that due dates don't really mean a whole lot especially when you get down to the last few weeks of pregnancy but it made me realize how close we are getting to the birth of our daughter. I have something in my refrigerator that will go bad AFTER the day she is due to be here. In some ways the concept of having a baby here, in the house, seems impossible. The nursery isn't even close to being set up. I hardly have any of the things she will need (car seat, bassinet) and we don't even have a name picked out yet. Prepared or not though, she is coming. I have a carton of juice that proves it.

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