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Week 35 ~ July 7, 2005
~ Putting Our Ducks in a Row

There has been so much going on around here in the past week, it feels like I wrote my last journal entry almost a month ago. Our remodeling project on the house is really moving along. Last week we still had 2 rooms upstairs full of stuff and we still needed to pick out new cabinets and tile for the bathroom floor. This week, 1 of the 2 rooms is completely empty and ready to be painted, the other is mostly empty and has to get the furniture moved. The tile and cabinets are chosen, purchased and ready to be installed. And one of the most exciting things of all... the baby furniture is in and ready to be picked up!!!!!! We don't actually have a place to set every thing up, since the wood floors aren't finished yet, but I am looking forward to getting everything here and taking a look at it. Having the furniture arrive is definitely another sign that the baby will be here soon.

Friday I had an ultrasound and an OB appointment. The doctor said that everything looks good. The baby is still in the 25th percentile. Her growth rate has stayed the same so there is nothing to worry about there. She is only about 4 lbs. 10 ozs. now so the doctor expects that she'll be a pretty small baby at birth (Yay, no 9 pounders for me). He's expecting her to weigh no more than 7 pounds if she comes on her due date. The baby has turned into the head down position but she's still up pretty high. When I had my ultrasound they measured my cervical length, it was 46.6. The doctor said that anything 25 or above means no labor. The ultrasound technician said the baby was making breathing motions during the ultrasound. On the screen her abdomen looked like a balloon that someone was breathing air into and sucking air out of at a regular pace. I guess it doesn't really mean anything special but it is a sign of well-being. I have another ultrasound scheduled in 2 weeks and I start weekly appointments next week. I guess the ultrasound technicians were a little concerned about my fluid levels, they were in the normal range but just barely. I'm not worried though.

Today, Wednesday, I had my first interview with a pediatrician. I really thought there would be more to it. It was a pretty quick interview and once the doctor told me how the practice works and what happens I actually had very few questions to ask her. The process of choosing a pediatrician has made me realize how little I know about having and raising a child, especially now. There is so much to think about with a baby... saving the cord blood, vaccination schedules, parenting and sleeping choices. I always thought there was one right way to do it, your doctor would tell you what that way was, you'd do it and that would be it. But it really is a lot more complicated than that. I actually find myself doing research online to help make decisions; I thought I was done with research when I graduated from college. I hope it gets easier once the baby is actually here.

Thursday morning I am leaving to go to Traverse City to see my family and have a baby shower. It is Cherry Festival up there so there is a lot going on in town. I am so excited to be up there for the festival. It's been a couple of years since I was able to take time away from things at home to be up there during Cherry Festival week. Thursday I will get to go to the kids' parade with my mom, sister and niece. Friday my mom and I will have some time to hang out and maybe go shopping. Saturday is the baby shower. I am looking forward to seeing all of my family again. Even though we all live in the same state it is hard to get together now that everyone is older and I know that it will be even more difficult after the baby is born. Sunday will be a day of relaxation and Monday I will drive back home. Sean is worried about me traveling alone but there is a lot of work he needs to do down here and I know he would be bored at my mom's, so off I go on my last trip before baby arrives.

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