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Week 38 ~ July 27, 2005
~ To Induce or Not?

Monday I had another ultrasound and OB appointment. The doctor wanted the ultrasound to check the baby's size and amniotic fluid levels. Her size has improved quite a bit; she's in the 50th percentile but still measuring in the 36th week of pregnancy. The ultrasound technician said the measurements could be off a little because there was a low level of amniotic fluid but the baby is definitely still growing and gaining weight. Sean and I saw the doctor after the ultrasound to have an exam and discuss the ultrasound results. My exam showed no dilation and the measurements on the ultrasound showed very little change in effacement. My cervix has shortened about 3 millimeters in 3 weeks, still pretty far from going into labor. The amniotic fluid levels are lower than normal but not so low that the baby is in danger, yet.

At this stage in pregnancy the ultrasound should be showing a measurement of about 10 for amniotic fluid. A measurement of 5 indicates a problem and the need to induce. My measurement was just under 8; a little lower than normal but not in the danger zone. My doctor won't induce until 39 weeks, unless there is immediate danger to the mother or the baby, so we had two options... 1.) check into the hospital on Sunday night (when I would be 39 weeks) and induce labor or 2.) wait till next Monday, have another ultrasound, then make a decision based on changes in fluid levels. We voted for option number 2, waiting and making a decision based on another ultrasound. If the amniotic fluid levels drop between now and Monday we will most likely be checking into the hospital Monday evening and starting an induction. If there is no change in the levels we will wait a little while and see what the doctor recommends beyond that.

Sean and I are still living with his family. We had been planning on moving back this week but the varnish is still drying and we want to wait till all the fumes are gone. Our floors look great though. We are putting the furniture back this weekend and setting up the nursery. There will be a few things we still need to finish that may be delayed till after the baby comes... new doors, shoe molding, the master bathroom but the remodeling is on track to be completed.

This week I started washing blankets, sheets and clothes for the baby. The doctor's appointment was a bit of a wake up call for me. I've been accusing Sean of being in denial about the baby coming but I think I've been in denial too. My gut feeling was that I would deliver the baby late and I would have a lot of time to get a bag packed for the hospital, get the nursery ready and wash clothes and blankets. But I'm starting to realize that the baby could be here in less than a week, even if I don't have an induction. So I'm going to get my butt in gear and get ready for this baby. Sean and I are getting closer to choosing a name. Today I'm going to start packing my hospital bag, I've made a list of the things we still need to buy and I will be going shopping this weekend. It's almost baby time and we're almost ready.

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