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Week 39 ~ August 3, 2005
~ The Waiting Game

I just re-read my journal from last week... I sounded so optimistic. Right now I feel like our plans are crumbling and I can't take one more day of this whole remodeling, living situation or pregnancy.

I'm still here (at my in-laws) and I still haven't had the baby yet. Our appointment on Monday went well. There has been no change... at all. The fluid levels haven't dropped, which is excellent. But the baby hasn't dropped either and I haven't effaced or dilated. So we are just playing the waiting game. My doctor is worried that trying to induce when my body is obviously not ready would cause more harm than good. So we are waiting at least another week to make a decision or let the baby come out on her own. I have another appointment on Monday. This time I will be having a non-stress test to see how the baby is doing and an exam to see how I am doing. I'm anxious and excited to meet the baby but I still feel completely unprepared for her arrival.

As for our remodeling project and moving back home, I have no idea what to say. There have been some pretty bad problems with the varnish pooling in some spots on the floor and not drying so there is a fair amount of damage and varnish that needs to be repaired. My father-in-law is certain he can fix it but he wants to make sure all the new doors are up, stained and varnished before getting back to the floor. So the second floor of the house is still uninhabitable. We could move back home anyway and sleep on the Aero Bed but I can't hoist myself up off the floor all the time to pee in the middle of the night so we are still here, for now. Sean has assured me that after the baby comes I will have a house with furniture UPSTAIRS to go home to. I'm trying to believe him but right now it's kind of like believing in the tooth fairy.

On Saturday I did get a much needed, very unexpected break from the clutter and dust that had become “our home”. Since we moved everything off the second floor, moved out of the house and did all the floor sanding, the rest of the house has been quite neglected. I haven't picked up a vacuum or duster in nearly 2 weeks and it was really showing. Saturday we knew our friends were coming over to help us work on the house. It was the beginning of a baby shower they had planned for us. The plan originally was to put back furniture, do some cleaning and reorganize the second floor. But with 3 of our 4 bedrooms having floor issues it became a cleaning day instead.

Saturday morning at about 11:15 I was sent off to get pampered with a manicure and a pedicure. While I was gone our house was transformed. The upstairs was dusted and vacuumed. The baby furniture had been moved upstairs, out of the living room, and unpacked. The dresser, glider rocker and ottoman had been put together. The lawn had been mowed and weed whacked. The living room floor was not only visible, it was vacuumed and mopped. The couches had been cleaned and all the sawdust removed. Our new (2 month old) living room rug was unrolled and put on the floor and all the tables and lamps were sawdust free. The kitchen floor was vacuumed and mopped as well. Even the baby stroller had been put together. It was amazing. And after all the cleaning and work our friends did on our house, they went even further by hosting a baby shower and BBQ for us that afternoon. It was such a relief to have all that help. It really made an impact on the whole state of things in our house. That's how you know who your true friends are... they not only celebrate the new and exciting things with you, but they help you out and pick you up out of the mud when you think you can't go on. We are certainly blessed with some amazing friends.

Unless the baby has plans of her own, you'll be hearing from me next week. I'll let you know how the non-stress test went and what the next step is for getting this baby out. Keep your fingers crossed for me that we don't have to induce. I'm not ready for all the complications and worries that can go along with inducing. I'd also like to be living in my own house.

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