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~ Meet Stacie

Stacie, Sean and HannahI can hardly believe it but here I am, writing another pregnancy journal. My husband Sean and I have a beautiful 13 month old daughter named Hannah. I wrote a journal for StorkNet when I was pregnant with Hannah and it was a great experience. I got tons of email from other women who were pregnant and now I have an amazing book for Hannah documenting my pregnancy with her. So when Sean asked me if I planned to write another journal for this pregnancy of course my answer was “Yes!”.

Now onto my journal about Baby #2. My husband, Sean and I have been married for a little over 4 years now. He is 29 and I'll be 29 later this month. We have always planned on having kids but never knew how many we wanted. As Sean has gotten older his desire for a large family (6 kids or more) has gotten stronger while my desire for a smaller family (2 or 3 kids) has gotten stronger. I have no idea where we'll end up right now. I'm just taking it one baby at a time.

Right after Hannah was born I was so content, life was perfect and I had no desire for anything more. I was still able to work part time and Sean was home to watch Hannah in the evenings while I was teaching. Once a week she would be watched by Sean's dad so I could work during the day.

Life was good . . . then she outgrew her 0-3 month clothes and I wanted another baby, BAD. Sean talked me out of the craziness that is post-pregnancy hormones and we went back to life as usual. Hannah was growing and changing and doing more things on her own, first sitting up, then rolling over, crawling and now walking. Sean was ready to start trying for another baby in April but I just wasn't. Around Hannah's first birthday we agreed to revisit the baby discussion. I told Sean I still wasn't quite ready yet but I would go off the pill in September and we could start trying after that . . . OOPS. I went off the pill and instead of waiting the recommended 3 months to get pregnant, it happened right away.

I had really been hoping to get pregnant in December so we could have a September baby. It would have given us more time with Hannah and she would be 2 when this new baby came but God had other plans. Hannah was a planned, first month trying, surprise; why should this baby be any different? So here we are, 4 weeks pregnant, expecting Baby #2 in early June. I don't have an exact due date yet. I'll get one when I see my OB in November. At my first appointment I'll have an internal ultrasound to check the size of the baby and see if there is a heartbeat. Then I'll have a regular pre-natal appointment with the same doctor who delivered Hannah.

Thanks for sharing this pregnancy with me.

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