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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11 ~ November 15 - 21, 2006
~ Sharing the News

This week we started sharing the news of our pregnancy. It's gone okay so far. On Saturday we had friends over for game night. It was a pretty small crowd, only two other couples. In the course of the evening Sean said something silly and people started joking and saying, "With comments like that your mommy and daddy will never give you a brother or sister, Hannah." That's when I said "Well, actually, she's going to have one in June." Everyone was very surprised and asked if we were kidding. There were "congratulations" and hugs all around. I always feel weird telling people I'm pregnant because I feel like I'm shouting to the world "Hey, guess what, Sean and I have sex!!!!" But it was nice to have the opportunity to share our news come up somewhat naturally in the conversation. And it was really great to have the support and excitement from our friends.

Hannah is going to be a big sister!Telling Sean's family was a bit of a different story. On Monday Sean sent an email to his dad, mom and brother. It was a Thanksgiving message from Hannah that said, "This is what I am thankful for this year." And it had a picture of her in a shirt that said "I'm gonna be a big sister." Then over the next couple of days we got emails and phone calls of congratulations with questions about when the due date would be. I think more than anything Sean's family is very surprised. I'm sure they're happy but I think they are a bit worried about the transition of things with Hannah.

I dropped Hannah off at my father-in-law's house Tuesday so he could watch her while I ran errands. When I was there most of the comments I got were questions about sleeping arrangements, comments about having two kids in diapers and concerns about how could I deal with a newborn when Hannah would just be hitting the terrible twos. I feel like the fears and concerns I had about sharing the news of this new baby came true in that conversation. There wasn't a whole lot of excitement or happiness.

Tomorrow we're leaving to visit my mom for Thanksgiving. We'll be there Wednesday through Sunday. We'll be telling my family and some friends about the baby when we're there. My grandparents, an aunt and my sister's family will be at my mom's for dinner; we'll tell them when we're there. I'm also hoping to see my dad sometime while we're there to tell him too but he is also going away for the holiday and I don't know if we'll have a chance to catch up. I'm hoping things go better with my family than they did with Sean's.

Everything with this pregnancy is starting to feel more real to me though. It's been kind of hard to believe this is happening when I haven't had any physical changes in my body and I haven't had morning sickness. I find it hard to believe I am almost done with the first trimester.

Happy Thanksgiving!
- Stacie

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