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Week 12 ~ November 22 - 28, 2006
~ A Wonderful Holiday

I am very out of sorts this week. We just got back from a long vacation, which was a lot of fun, but I am so exhausted and I don't have the energy or the will to get back into our routine. We didn't get the opportunity to see my dad or tell him about the baby but we had a wonderful time at my mom's house. My grandparents loved getting to see Hannah and my niece and nephew. On Thanksgiving Day I put Hannah in her "I'm gonna be a big sister" shirt so she could share the news of the new baby. Not much was said but "Congratulations" and "When's the baby due?". Which was absolutely fine with me. I don't need people to jump up and down with excitement. I just don't want then to start questioning me and voicing the concerns I already have.

Thanksgiving was great. Hannah ate like a pig; we all did. Thursday night my mom and I took the kids to the hotel (where my grandparents and aunt were staying) so they could all go swimming. Hannah had a great time and Emilee (my 3 year old niece) enjoyed swimming and splashing around with her. Even my cousin (who's 8) liked pushing Hannah around in her floaty toy. After swimming we all went back to my mom's house and crashed. My niece and nephew spent the night so my sister could do the big shopping thing Friday morning.

We spent Friday hanging around the house. My grandparents and aunt went home that morning. Then, after my sister's kids left, Hannah went down for a nap and I layed down shortly after. We slept for 3 glorious hours. No matter how few symptoms I have with this pregnancy, the exhaustion is still paramount. I get almost 10 hours of sleep a night and I still feel like I need a nap during the day.

On Saturday Sean and I left Hannah with my mom and we went on a winery tour with some friends of ours. My best friend from high school is now dating and living with Sean's best friend from high school. They live out in Massachusetts so we only get to see them during the holidays when they come back to visit. Luckily, they spend time between her family in Traverse City, and his family, by us. So we can usually see them every time they come to Michigan, rather than every other time. We told them about the baby when we saw them. They were thrilled and can't wait to see the new baby this summer.

On Sunday we came home. It was an uneventful drive, which is good.

Tuesday I had my second OB appointment. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. It was a healthy 150. My next appointment isn't until after the New Year, at 18 weeks. My ultrasound is scheduled in the morning and the OB appointment is right after. I'm still not sure if I want to know the gender. Sean wants to know but I haven't really decided yet. I think most people assume that because we found out with Hannah we'll be finding out with this one too. I guess I'll know when the tech asks if we want to know the gender and the answer comes out of my mouth.

I also want to say a special "Thank You" to everyone who has written me with words of encouragement and support this week. I've really appreciated all your kind words and advice. Last week's journal was very difficult to write. It is hard to admit your feelings when they aren't what everyone expects them to be.

- Stacie

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