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Week 13 ~ November 29 - December 5, 2006
~ Second Trimester . . . Already????

Did I really just finish my first week of the second trimester???? I can't believe how quickly time is passing. This whole week seems like a blur to me. It feels like November was so long ago and Christmas will be here tomorrow. I've been doing a lot of holiday shopping this week, but who hasn't. I still need to find Sean a Nintendo Wii, like that won't be next to impossible to do. We've been lucky not to have too much snow so I can still get out and about with Hannah. Sunday we had snow off and on but by the next afternoon it had all melted.

I think I am going to have to move into maternity clothes this week. I'm surprised I've been able to wait this long but I won't complain. According to Sean I've become "noticeably pregnant" this week. When I said "What do you mean NOTICEABLY PREGNANT?!?!?", he tried to sugar coat it by saying: "I only notice because I see you all the time . . . You're getting the cute little baby bump . . . I'd have no clue if I didn't know you were pregnant". No matter what he said "noticeably pregnant" meant FAT! Men, will they ever learn???

One of the other things I have been dealing with this week is numbness in my outer, left thigh. I've had it for about 2 weeks but in the past week it has gotten really bothersome. At first I could only feel it at night, when I had been sleeping on my back. Now I feel it all the time whether I am sitting, standing or laying down. When I lay down it is worse but even during the day I have this tingling and aching, almost like I have a huge bruise there. I called my OB's office and the nurse told me that it is too early for it to be a pregnancy related issue, that I needed to see my family practitioner. I've got an appointment with him on Wednesday. Honestly, I don't have much faith in the guy. I don't think he is a very good doctor, he doesn't believe in writing prescriptions or referrals. I'm not expecting a very good outcome.

Sean and I are trying to figure out our holiday plans for this year. I'm the type of person who likes to relax at home in pajamas and leisurely open presents before really starting the day around noon. When Sean was growing up he would be with one parent Christmas Eve then go see the other for a while Christmas Day and then go back to the first later in the afternoon. He always had 2 or 3 present openings and 2 or 3 Christmas feasts. Things haven't changed now that Sean is an adult. Every year he and his family expect us to go see EVERYONE on Christmas Day but I want to spend more of our time alone together as a family.

In the past few years that we've been married we've been with his mom for Christmas Eve and his dad for Christmas Day. Then during the day on Christmas we've gone over to his step-dad's sister's house for an afternoon buffet with their extended family before doing a Christmas dinner with his dad's family. It's worked out pretty well and we've had to do very little driving Christmas Day. This year Sean's mom and dad both want us at their house Christmas Day and his mom has since moved an hour away. I'm not sure what we'll do but I am not going to be rushing all over and dragging Hannah from house to house disrupting her day and making her exhausted so the rest of the family can be happy.

One very cool thing that happened this week was that we all got one of our Christmas presents about 3 weeks early. Sean's step-sister has been pregnant with her first baby. He was due on December 20th. I guess he couldn't wait till that close to Christmas. He arrived unexpectedly on Friday, December 1st after 30-some hours of labor. He's a healthy 6lb 9oz boy. They went home from the hospital Monday and everyone is doing well. My step-mother-in-law flew out to New York to be there for the birth and help with the baby for a couple of weeks. With the early arrival of baby Parker she'll be able to be here for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, her 2 children won't be able to make it . . . Deirdre because she just had her baby and Will because his wife is pregnant (Due April 19th) and she doesn't want to make such a long trip from California to Michigan and back again. I can't say I blame her . . . traveling is hard enough but to put the holidays and pregnancy in there too. No thanks, I'd rather stay home.

- Stacie

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