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Week 15
~ 15 Weeks and Then Some

This week has been pretty crazy. I guess that's always how it is during the holidays. I had my assessment with my physical therapist on Friday. She checked my reflexes and flexibility and did an assessment of the pain I have been having. She said that I am hyper flexible . . . more flexible than I should be which could be some of the cause of my pain. I also had a tour of the pool area and got the information I needed to start PT on Monday.

Over the weekend Sean and I were super productive on our house. I have not been allowed to vacuum because of my back and our main floor, particularly where Hannah eats, has been looking pretty grungy. Sean also helped me do a lot of laundry, since I am not supposed to be hauling that either. At the end of the weekend the entire main floor had been cleaned spotless, vacuumed, dusted and the wood floors and tile had been mopped. It was so nice to go to bed with everything done and ready for the busy week leading up to Christmas.

On Sunday night Hannah came down with a stuffy nose and a bad cough. Monday added watery eyes and difficulty sleeping. By Tuesday morning she was miserable. She was hacking and her temperature was up, she was exhausted and not eating very well. We got in for an appointment late Tuesday morning. Her temp was just over 101, the doctor took swabs of her nose and mouth to test for different viruses and took blood to get a count on her red and white blood cells. The doctor was worried about her breathing so we were sent over to the hospital for a chest x-ray. There were some inconsistencies in her right lung but nothing that pointed to Bronchitis or Pneumonia. So we went home to wait it out.

Tuesday and Wednesday her temperature was up over 102 and we couldn't bring it down with Motrin or Tylenol. She wasn't eating anything, only taking bottles and she was hardly sleeping. The doctor believed it was RSV, a respiratory infection in infants and toddlers but her culture hasn't come back on it yet. Wednesday night her temperature finally started going down and remained steady at about 101, without medication. By Thursday afternoon she was running around and playing with toys again. Friday she started eating normal foods and was herself again with a bad cough. We've been lucky that Hannah has never been this sick before but it was a scary experience. I suppose when the new baby comes along it will be twice as bad . . . as soon as Hannah starts to get well, the new baby will get sick.

I did start physical therapy on Monday. I did a 30 minute session in the pool. The pool was wonderful, very warm. It was so nice to float around and not have to feel my weight. When I got out of the pool I felt like I had been strapped down with 50 pound weights around my shoulders. Monday night I woke up in excruciating pain through my left thigh. It was the sharp stabbing pain that occurred about 10 times. When it ended my whole body was shaking. On Wednesday my PT routine was adjusted and I've been feeling much better the rest of the week. My back has been in less pain but I haven't had a change in the numbness in my thigh yet.

I think I am all ready for the holidays. I am going to spend Saturday baking and doing laundry. I have to hem some pants so I can wear them to church on Sunday. I'm in maternity clothes most of the time now. I can still fit into some of my regular clothes but the maternity ones feel so much more comfortable over a long period of time that I prefer wearing them. Now if I could only find a maternity bathing suit that has some support in the chest, I'd be a happy woman.

Happy Holidays!!!!!

- Stacie

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