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Week 16
~ There Really is a Baby in There . . . I Felt It Move!

Stacie, Sean and HannahIt's Wednesday and I am still trying to recover from the holiday weekend. I'm so thankful I don't have to work. I haven't been sleeping well, partially because of Hannah and partially because of my back. It's getting so bad at night that I can barely walk after getting out of bed. I have to bend over and lean on the bed, dresser and wall just to make it to the bathroom. I'm going to talk to my PT about it this afternoon and see if she has any suggestions for me.

I started feeling the baby move last week. I didn't write about it in my last entry because I wasn't really sure if that's what I was feeling. At first it was just occasional movements, one or two each day. I only noticed them if I was still when they happened. There was never a pattern or regularity to them so I wasn't really sure if the baby or gas. But this week I have been noticing the movement more frequently, several times a day and usually after I eat something. I've been making sure I sit down for a while after eating so I can feel the baby. I tried to explain it to Sean this week and the closest explanation I had was that it kind of feels like I'm digesting a large meal. I can kind of feel my stomach working and moving things through my body. And now as the baby has gotten a little bigger and stronger and I am paying more attention the movement can feel like I'm on a roller coaster. It's not the constant up and down feeling but it's the feeling after the big hill or roller coaster stops. It's the jiggly feeling that happens as my stomach falls back into place after the violent movement. It sounds uncomfortable and maybe a bit scary but it's fun and makes me feel like giggling.

We had a great weekend. Saturday I hung around the house doing last minute Christmas things. Hannah and I made chocolate dipped pretzel rods for the neighbors while Sean went to the movies with his dad and brother. They have all been wanting to see the new James Bond flick and took the opportunity to do so this weekend. We've all really enjoyed having Scott, my brother-in-law, home during the holidays. He lives in Hawaii and only makes it back twice a year. Hannah has really taken a shine to him this time around. Last week I told her she needed to get her coat on so we could go see Scott and she ran to the door saying "Tott, Tott, Tott," her version of Scott.

Saturday night we went to a holiday party. The couple we visited has 2 dogs. Hannah loves dogs. Whenever anyone came in the house she made sure to greet them at the door and point out the dogs to them. She chased the dogs around the house shouting "doggie, doggie." She even shared her food with them. She would take a bite and then let the dogs eat the rest of it from her fingers. Even though Hannah was having a lot of fun, we didn't stay long because she had refused to nap in the afternoon and she started to crash a couple hours after we got there.

We spent Sunday at my mother-in-law's house. We opened presents in the morning and had dinner with her husband's family in the afternoon. Hannah loved opening presents but it was hard to keep her on task when she got a present she liked. All she wanted to do was play with that toy and ignore everything else. I was really surprised at my mother-in-law's husband. He has only seen Hannah twice. He never comes over here to visit and we never go over there. He saw Hannah last year at Christmas and didn't really interact with her at all. And in September, when Sean's mom watched Hannah while we were at a wedding near her house, he went out for the evening and only saw her for a few minutes before she went to bed. But this year was a completely different story. He played ball with her and talked to her. He showed her their cats and they played with the refrigerator magnets together. It was nice to see, very reassuring to me. I had been feeling like we, especially Hannah, were an interruption to their life rather than something enjoyable.

Sunday evening we went to church. I did the bible reading for the service and Hannah was in the children's bell choir and Christmas Story play. In the bell choir there are color coded cards and colored bells. All the kids have to do is shake their bells when someone points to the card that has their color on it. Hannah really enjoyed being with the other kids and was very cooperative with letting me help her. Our church also does an impromptu play of the Christmas Story. They get kids from the audience and have them pretend to be different characters. No one has to speak, the play is narrated by an adult and the kids really enjoy dressing up. As soon as the kids went to the front of the church Hannah said "down" and ran up to where the kids were gathering. I asked our pastor if Hannah could join too or if she was too young. He said they could find a small part for her. By the time they got around to her the only part left was Joseph. She was a terrible Joseph. She did okay for a little while then she got bored and pulled off her costume. She walked across the stage when she was supposed to but wouldn't stand still after that. Then she just climbed up and down the stairs again and again. I felt really bad that she was disruptive but the congregation thought she was cute. They are very familiar with her antics . . . waving and blowing kisses to everyone during the sermon and dancing in the pew when our pastor is playing the guitar and singing.

On Monday we had a wonderful Christmas together here before we went over to my father-in-law's house. I woke up around 7:30 and made a big breakfast . . . an omelette, bacon and pancakes. This was quite a treat because although I'll make pancakes for Hannah a couple of times a week, we never eat bacon and I rarely make omlettes. After breakfast Hannah opened her presents. She hated her TMX Elmo. It scared her and she cried. But she loved her books, puzzles and Little People farm. Hannah got to play with her new toys while Sean and I got showered and ready to leave.

HannahAt my father-in-law's we opened presents again. Hannah loved her magnetic fridge phonics alphabet set by Leap Frog and her baby doll and stroller. She spent the rest of the day pushing her doll around the house in the stroller. Sean's grandmother and aunt came over in the afternoon. Sean, Scott, Grandma and I played Dominoes before dinner. I rocked Hannah to sleep and she slept next to me on the couch while we played. Then Sean's uncle and his fiance arrived for dinner. Hannah had woken up with all the commotion of sitting down for dinner and she was terribly fussy and ornery. She refused to eat and cried and whined all through dinner. I held her on my lap while I tried to eat and then when Sean was done he took her into the other room to have a bottle. After dinner we opened another set of presents and then went home.

Tuesday was spent sleeping in and putting away presents. This week I need to clean the house and get ready for parties we are having on Friday and Sunday. Then next Friday we have our ultrasound. I love this time of year but I will be looking forward to having a break from all the activity and hopefully the return of naps for Hannah.

Happy New Year!
- Stacie

I've attached pictures of us on Christmas Day. As you can see, Hannah was quite excited at all of her presents.

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