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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Back to the Routine

I feel a little bit thrown off by my journal entry this week. When I write, a week for me goes Wednesday through Tuesday and is one week of my pregnancy. Today is Wednesday and I am writing about week 21 on my first day in week 22. So, although I usually think of a standard week as Sunday through Saturday, I have to adjust my thinking to write my journal.

Sean came back from Phoenix on Sunday evening. Hannah was so happy to see him. She spent every second with him from the time he got home till she went to bed. She kept hugging and kissing him and rubbing his face and head. It was very sweet to see. Sean had a good trip. He got a lot accomplished and enjoyed being away from the snow for a little bit. I missed Sean but I also enjoyed having the bed to myself for a few nights. After Hannah went to bed I spent the evenings in bed watching “The Golden Girls” seasons on DVD, something I don't get a good opportunity to do when Sean is home.

I hate to mention this and jinx it . . . but Hannah is doing much better with sleeping. After forcing her to sleep in her bed she just started to accept it and started getting back to her routine. While Sean was gone I still had to sit with her till she fell asleep. But she stopped crying more quickly when I put her in bed and she fell asleep more easily and slept better at night (only waking up once or twice). There were even a couple of times in the past week that she fell asleep without me in the room and without crying. And Sunday night, after Sean was home, she slept through the night. I think we are slowly headed back to the old nighttime routine and a good night of sleep, which is a huge relief for me.

This week I started writing down a list of things I would like to get for the new baby. I have bought a few things when I've seen them on sale but there is still a lot more I would like to get. When the warmer weather gets here I plan on hitting some Mom 2 Mom and garage sales for clothes. If I spot something I think I have to have in a store I'll buy it but they go through the tiny sizes so quickly that I can't see going out and buying a whole new wardrobe for him immediately. Plus it will be summer here so I expect he'll spend a lot of time in a onesie. Sean and I still haven't discussed names but we have a lot of time left.

Sean and I are getting ready for our cruise. There is still so much to do though! Not only do we have to get ourselves ready to go, we also have to make sure our house is clean for my mom. I've already mentioned that I'm not an immaculate house keeper but there is a certain level of “livability” I can handle when I am the one who has to deal with it. Not so when there is someone else coming to stay here. I want my house to be spotless. I don't want my mom to feel like she has to clean up our things and I want to leave it in the best possible condition for her. She will have her hands full enough dealing with Hannah that she doesn't need our mess making things more difficult.

Next week I'll update on the OB and ultrasound appointment I had this morning, then Sean and I will be off on our cruise. Woohoo!!!!!

- Stacie

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