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Stacie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Bon Voyage

This week has been very hectic. I hardly even know where to begin. My doctor appointment on Wednesday went well. Sean wasn't able to make it to the ultrasound so I was there alone. The technician was able to get a good look at the baby's heart and she said everything looked excellent.

It was a very quick in and out ultrasound. I did get a couple of pictures though. One of them shows the baby sucking his thumb. I'm hoping Sean will scan it and I can post it soon. My appointment with the doctor was pretty quick as well. He did seem a bit unsure about writing a letter allowing me to go on the cruise. He didn't understand why the cruise line would need a letter and he wasn't sure it was in my best interest to go. He said that if anything should happen while we're gone there are no OBs or hospitals and I need to be aware of that risk. I haven't had any signs that there could be any problems and I didn't have any problems in my pregnancy with Hannah so I decided it's a chance I'm willing to take.

Sean and I spent most of the week and weekend preparing for our trip. We leave tomorrow. Yikes!!! I still have a lot to do. Saturday we went shopping and got some last minute things and each of us got some books for the trip. On Sunday morning I was on the phone with my mom and Hannah was playing with Sean's books and they disappeared. I mentioned it to Sean but I didn't stress it or think anything of it. I just figured they were under one of the couches or in the cupboard by where Hannah was playing. Our garbage went out Monday morning and then Monday night we got concerned that the books were completely GONE and we think she must have put them in the garbage. There is no other explanation for it. That in itself isn't a huge deal . . . just $20 or so of books. But the thing that really has us concerned is that my engagement ring and wedding band set have been missing as well. We haven't been able to find them anywhere and we cleaned the house from top to bottom. My concern is that if Hannah could have thrown books away, she certainly could have thrown my ring away as well. Sean and I talked about it and there's no way we have the money to replace it. I'm terribly upset and I feel so stupid for not worrying more and being more concerned that my ring was gone. Hannah has taken my ring off my night stand many times before and it's always shown up. I can only hope that it will show up again, eventually.

I had my last physical therapy session on Monday. My back is feeling better, not 100% all of the time but I know that's because I have been doing a lot of the things I am not supposed to do. I have been lifting Hannah a lot, going up and down stairs too many times a day and carrying heavy things. Now that the rush of our trip is ending I'm hoping I'll be able to give in and follow the doctor's orders. And starting tomorrow I will not be lifting anything and I will be resting and relaxing for the next 5 days!!!!

Next week I'll tell you all about my trip and hopefully I'll have some good pictures to show as well.

- Stacie

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