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Week 23
~ Good to be Home

Sean and I got back from our trip Monday night. We had a wonderful time but it is so good to be home. It's Wednesday afternoon and I still feel like we're on the boat rocking back and forth. But I'm jumping ahead and I'll start at the beginning.

Sean and I aren't the best traveling companions. We love each other and have fun together but we are both high stress travelers. I get anxious about time and getting things done in an efficient and quick way and Sean has very little patience and expects me to always be on the same page as him. We already don't communicate very well so when we travel things are a lot worse and we have a tendency to fight a lot. This trip was no exception. Wednesday we did all the usual packing stuff and getting the house ready. We did an excellent job! We got the house clean and all of our packing done and still managed to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Hannah went down well and slept through the night on Wednesday so we didn't even have to worry about that.

On Thursday I woke up about 30 minutes early and Sean over slept by about 30 minutes so that threw us off in the morning but for the most part we still did okay. We got out of the house an hour later than we would have liked but we still made it to the airport in plenty of time to catch our plane. Our flight was smooth and easy. We left Detroit a little late but still arrived in Fort Lauderdale on time. After we landed we got our luggage and took a cab to the pier to board our ship. We had a few little tiffs... me getting irritated when he wanted to stop to eat breakfast at home, him getting grumpy that I didn't know how to check in our baggage and deal with security.

Thursday afternoon was pretty quiet. We spent the afternoon exploring the ship and checking out all the decks and activities on board. After dinner I started to feel a little sea sick so I put on Sea Bands. They are wrist bands with a plastic nub on the inside of each band. It's supposed to be like acupuncture in that it puts pressure on a certain spot and it's supposed to stop nausea. It did pretty well for me but the one side effect it couldn't help was the terrible headache that went along with the motion sickness.

Friday we were docked in Key West. We didn't do much while we were there, just some shopping and brief sightseeing of the town. It was our last chance to call home while still being in the US so we called my mom and checked up on Hannah. She was having so much fun playing with my mom and Gracie (my mom's dog) that she didn't even want to come to the phone.

Saturday we docked in Cozumel, Mexico. Sean and I took an excursion to a private island for the day. It wasn't part of the cruise, something we had to pay extra for but it was well worth it. The island is called Pleasure Island, it's the place where the Corona beer commercials are filmed. It took nearly an hour to get there and back but we still had 3 hours to relax on the island. It started to rain as soon as we boarded the fairy to the island and it rained for about 45 minutes after that.

While it rained we sat inside and had lunch at the buffet. As soon as we were done eating the sun came out and we hit the beach. The sand was white and soft. The water was crystal clear and aquamarine blue. There were hammocks, beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach. We had such a relaxing afternoon. Of course we used sunscreen but we both still got a nice tan.

Sunday was less than ideal. Sean and I woke up early to watch the sun rise but were surprised by gusty winds and cloudy skies. The whole day at sea was a miserable one for me. The boat was rocking like crazy and I could not get relief from my 3 day headache or the motion sickness that plagued me. I spent most of the day sleeping to get relief and Sean spent the day in and out of the hot tub and reading by the pool. I did manage to wake up for dinner and the show that night but I was still very happy to get back into bed and rest when it was all over.

Monday was still very gray and cloudy. We docked at 7am so I had some relief from the motion sickness but it was still a very long morning. It took several hours to get off the ship. We had to wait on board while all the luggage was unloaded and ready for pick up. We also had to go through customs and wait in long lines. It rained nearly all day but we spent most of the day in the airport and on the airplane. Our plane was delayed by over an hour and it was ungodly hot during the flight. By that time neither Sean nor I were in the best of moods and we just wanted to get home. Luckily we spent most of the flight napping and didn't have to deal with each other.

We made it to my father-in-law's around 6:45. Hannah was finishing up dinner so we waited. It was so good to see her!!!! We finally arrived home around 8:00. It took Hannah some time to adjust. She spent the first several hours completely attached to us, hugging and kissing and cuddling us as much as possible. But she still went to bed well AND slept through the night. We're pretty much back to our routine now.

Hannah is still very anxious to see Sean at the end of the day but she seems no worse off for our being gone. I was a little worried that she would be clingy and we'd have sleeping problems again when we got back but everything is going well.

So what have I learned. 1. Kids are resilient. This was something Sean and I needed for ourselves and no matter how much I worried about and missed Hannah, she did fine . . . better than fine. So next time I won't worry so much about how things are going at home. 2. Don't go on a cruise while pregnant. Some people can handle it. I've cruised once before when I was about 13 and I was fine then. But this time around was crappy. I knew it would be uncertain as to how I would handle a cruise while pregnant but I didn't expect it to be so bad. The worst part was not being able to take any drugs for the motion sickness which also caused headaches. I had to take 6-8 Tylenol a day just to survive and I never got 100% relief. Next time I'll stay on land. 3. Take the time to do something special. Now that I know Hannah, and any other kids we have, will be fine I won't hesitate to do something special for Sean and me as a couple or for myself as an individual. I think emotional and spiritual well being are as important as physical well being. I need to recognize when I need special care and do something about it. It may be a vacation with Sean or my girlfriends or a massage or a watching a movie in the theater . . . but I need to treat myself and take the time because I deserve it. 4. It's good to be home. No matter how much fun things are elsewhere, for me there's still no place like home.

- Stacie

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