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Week 24
~ Odds n' Ends

This week has been pretty mundane. I've just been settling back into the routine with Hannah and enjoying being home. There has been a lot of laundry to do but other than that our house has been pretty easy to deal with.

Hannah is doing very well sleeping through the night. She had a couple of occasions where she woke up. She asked for a bottle and after she had it she went right back to bed. I'm amazed at how grown up she seems. Not that she's a grown up but she really doesn't seem like a baby anymore. She's a toddler who is turning into a little girl. She is able to communicate very well with her words and through actions. She entertains herself and plays without wanting or needing me to be right there with her. I really think she is going to be a great big sister. It may be a bit of an adjustment at first but I think she'll do well with the new baby.

Speaking of baby . . . nothing is going on there. I guess that's good though. I feel like this part of pregnancy is so boring. With Hannah I had to think about childbirth classes and making decisions about bottle or breastfeeding and drugs during labor. This time I know what to expect with labor and after the baby is born so I feel more prepared in that regard. I also know that things don't always go as expected so I need to have flexible ideas on what I want.

Some things I have decided though are . . . Epidural YES! I don't think I ever expected a natural childbirth with Hannah but I did want to wait as long as possible to take anything. Waiting as long a possible ended up me begging for drugs, any drugs, almost as soon as I was admitted to a room. This time around I expect it to be pretty much the same way. One thing I would like to be different is that I don't want Pitocin right away and I'd like my water to break naturally. With Hannah my doctor broke my water and gave me Pitocin as soon as he saw me. It wasn't horrible but the contractions were strong and right on top of each other. There was even a point where I almost had to have a c-section because Hannah's heart rate decelerated significantly and had trouble recovering between contractions. The doctor had to use drugs to stop my contractions until she could recover. Hannah was fine but it was a very scary experience for me and my family in the labor room.

I've also decided that I am not going to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is not for me. I tried it with Hannah and it just didn't work out. I got several infections, three at one time. I almost starved Hannah because I wasn't producing milk. Her pediatrician almost hospitalized her for failure to thrive because she lost so much weight when she first came home. I had to pump and we had to supplement with formula and bottle feed her until she had gained enough weight. This time I am going to nurse in the hospital and as soon as we get home I am going to start pumping and feed our son expressed breast milk. I still want him to have breast milk but I will feel much better this time if I know exactly how much he is eating from the bottle. It will also give Sean the opportunity to help with the feeding so I can take better care of myself. With Hannah I went through some post-partum depression (although I didn't recognize it at the time). I really think that all that I was dealing with when I was nursing took more of an emotional toll on me than I realized. Once I stopped nursing and Hannah was eating expressed milk and formula and Sean was able to help out more, I was able to feel more in control of the situation and take care of my needs so I could be a healthy mom to Hannah.

Sean's 30th birthday is this coming week. We're having a party on Saturday. It's been quite a while since we've had friends over and Sean and I are both looking forward to it. Then on Tuesday I have an appointment at my OB's office. I have to do the Glucose Tolerance Test (yuck!!!!) and meet with the nurse. I don't see my OB but I do get to start filling out paperwork for hospital registration (yay!).

- Stacie

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