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Week 26
~ Baby Expo

This week really was pretty quiet as far as baby happenings go. I had a lot of fun at the Baby Expo. This was my first time at the expo so I didn't know exactly what to expect. I don't think I have ever seen so many children and pregnant women in my entire life! There were all sorts of freebies (I love freebies) and contests. Most of the show had things I was already familiar with: Babies R Us and baby registry, Graco products, Fisher Price and baby formula. There were some things that were new and interesting. I was amazed at how many booths there were that I never would have connected with a baby expo, like a home security system.

One of the booths there was a booth about circumcision, which is a topic Sean and I have been discussing and debating lately. When we were pregnant with Hannah, before we knew her gender, I just assumed that if we had a boy he'd be circumsized. When the subject came up, Sean had other ideas. I was so happy Hannah was a girl and we never had to make a decision but this time around we do. The booth that was at the expo was a group against circumcision. I got a few pamphlets and discussed circumcision with the ladies there. I told them that my husband and I were currently having the debate in our household. My friend who was with me had never considered that circumcision was optional and was just as uninformed as I had been 2 years ago.

So Sean and I are still having the debate. I admit that my reasons for wanting our son to be circumsized are purely emotional and without scientific merit. The biggest things are that I don't want him to be ashamed and teased because he's not circumsized. And I'm also worried about what I would need to do to care for him and explain things to him. I don't know anything about having a penis, let alone one that is uncircumsized. I've never even seen one. I did go on the StorkNet Message Boards and post a few questions about it though. I got a lot of great information and advice. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel. Sean is very adamant that our son be able to choose for himself when he is older. I have a feeling Sean will end up winning this one. I don't have any solid reasoning for my decision and I have no first hand experience to back up my point of view.

No news on my GTT, and in this case no news is good news. The nurse said they would call only if there was a problem with my test. My OB's office is very good on returning calls and calling to remind about appointments so I feel pretty confident that I wouldn't just be forgotten about and my test came out okay. I'll double check at my next appointment though.

Friday Hannah and I are leaving to visit my family "Up North." It's a 4.5 hour drive but we'll stop half way there and have lunch so the whole trip will take about 5 5.5 hours total. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family. We haven't seen each other since Thanksgiving and it's been way too long. I hope Hannah does okay on the trip. The last few times we've been up there, the second half of the trip has been very difficult for her to manage. She usually sleeps through the first half but after that gets very restless and bored. Cross your fingers that we do okay this time.

- Stacie

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