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Week 27
~ Our Spring Break

I'm kind of in a funk as I sit here writing this. Yesterday was gorgeous, very sunny and 70+ degrees out. Today is still warm but it's very gray and overcast. Spring is here and there are changes in the weather, the snow is melting and flowers are starting to pop out of the ground. And here I am, s-l-o-w-l-y going on with my pregnancy . . . see what I mean about a funk.

Anyway, Hannah and I had a great weekend visiting my family. Our drive up was a breeze. Hannah was quiet and observant for the first half. Then after lunch she fell asleep till we arrived. My mom has two dogs that Hannah loved playing with. She liked giving them treats and when she woke up in the morning the first thing she did was ask where the dogs were. And as soon as they heard her talking their tails started wagging and they waited excitedly at the bedroom door for us to emerge.

Saturday my mom and I went on a major shopping spree. I bought tons of things for the baby. I bought the Fisher Price Rainforest musical crib toy and 8 new outfits at Kohl's. I've bought a couple of cute things as I've seen them but I think with Saturday's shopping trip we have all the clothes he'll need through the summer. I still have to get a few packages of onesies and t-shirts but we're mostly set. I also got a bunch of stuff for the master bathroom. It's been under construction since I was pregnant with Hannah and it is almost completed, finally. The remodeling is done. I just need to get in there and scrub it down and clean it up and put in a new shower curtain and towels.

Sunday we hung around my mom's house. Hannah spent the day resting and playing with the dogs. She had been going to bed several hours after her normal bed time and skipped her nap on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday we both slept in and then drove home. The drive back was much more difficult for Hannah than the drive there. After the first hour and a half, the only way I could get her to stop fussing was to pull out the DVD player and put a movie on for her. She is completely enamored with Baby Einstein videos and loves "Baby MacDonald". After about 5 times watching the video she learned how to sing "Old MacDonald" and she learned about 8 new words. My only problem is that she cries when the last chapter comes on because she knows the video is ending.

So earlier I mentioned that yesterday was a perfect spring day but I didn't mention how we enjoyed it. Hannah enjoyed it first by running through the neighbor's yard and getting all muddy. After that we enjoyed it together by going to the Zoo. I called up Sean and told him we were going to the zoo and asked him if he wanted to meet us there for a little bit. He works about a mile away and his company rents parking space at the zoo. They have a shuttle bus that drives employees back and forth. So when I left for the zoo I called him up, he took the shuttle bus over and met us at the gate. Hannah was so excited to see him. She really missed him while we were gone and she enjoys every opportunity we have to see him during the day.

Sean spent about an hour with us, carrying Hannah on his shoulders, before heading back to work. While Sean was there we saw ducks and geese, a few horses, a cow and some mules. We even had a chance to see a polar bear. Hannah was delighted and shouted the name of every animal over and over while we were looking at them. We will definitely have to go back to the zoo again soon. It was really great for me to watch Hannah having so much fun interacting with and observing her environment. It made me think about how we usually spend our days. Sometimes we go to the library but that is about it for activities. But I am making a new resolution that 1 day a week will be devoted to going out and doing something fun. Maybe we'll spend the day at the park or go to the science institute, the zoo or even the library. I don't know. But whatever we do it will be a day devoted to fun and exploration, without errands packed in.

Now that I've written my journal and thought about our good day yesterday I'm kind of out of my funk. I'm really looking forward to spring and getting outside more. Soon the baby will be here and the whole family can enjoy the warm weather together.

- Stacie

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